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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Henrik & Leanne - From Aug 1, AS V to Jan 8, AS V

Last Updated: January 15, AS LI (2017)

Astrid of Hawk RidgeCountess08/01/1970
Stephen BlackeagleCount08/01/1970
Astrid of Hawk RidgeOrder of the Rose08/01/1970

Alisande de RohanAward of Arms08/02/1970
Meredith Clough (aka Meredith)Award of Arms08/02/1970

Charles of MercuryKnight10/10/1970
Anne TannithcourtAward of Arms10/10/1970
Carole the GrimAward of Arms10/10/1970
Cynthia Arianhrod (aka Cynthia Arionhrad Caerdderwen)Award of Arms10/10/1970
Eideard Slaighter FeusagachAward of Arms10/10/1970
Kay Gwenhwyfar of LocksleyAward of Arms10/10/1970
Robert MacChlurainAward of Arms10/10/1970
Woodford of LorienAward of Arms10/10/1970
William of York (aka William Gordon of York)Muckin' Great Clubbe10/10/1970

Angela of the MeadowsCrown Baroness10/11/1970
Arthur of LockehavenCrown Baron10/11/1970
Carole the GrimKnight10/11/1970
Angela of the MeadowsAward of Arms10/11/1970

Marya of Zagamar, the MadAward of Arms12/31/1970

Rhiannen pen Tyrhon (aka Rhiannon pen Tyrhon)Award of Arms01/05/1971

Christian of OrangeAward of Arms01/08/1971
Raymond the MildAward of Arms01/08/1971
Sheen of IreAward of Arms01/08/1971
Suzanne of RavenhillAward of Arms01/08/1971

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