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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Jean & Ellen - From Jan 8, AS V to May 1, AS VI

Last Updated: October 1, AS L (2015)

Harold BreakstoneLaurel01/08/1971
Johanna von GriffenhurstLaurel01/08/1971
Randall of HightowerLaurel01/08/1971
Luis de la Grand AnseBaron/AA01/08/1971
Robert of DunharrowBaron01/08/1971

Pwyll pen TyrhonAward of Arms01/28/1971

David of IllwheirlaneLaurel03/20/1971
Hagen the StrongKnight03/20/1971
Ellen Cross QuillsLeaf of Merit03/20/1971
Boncueur (aka Boncoeur, Boncueur de Myrobolan)Award of Arms03/20/1971
Jacopo van der JacsAward of Arms03/20/1971
Jerald of GallowayMuckin' Great Clubbe03/20/1971

Pwyll pen TyrhonGrant of Arms05/01/1971
TalanqueGrant of Arms05/01/1971
Ellen Cross QuillsAward of Arms05/01/1971
Rima of RockridgeAward of Arms05/01/1971
Samuel de BassettAward of Arms05/01/1971
Sarkanyi GeroAward of Arms05/01/1971
William the LuckyAward of Arms05/01/1971

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