Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Stefan & Luise - From Jan 3, AS IV to Apr 25, AS IV

Last Updated: October 16, AS LII (2017)

Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (aka Bjo of Griffin)Award of Arms01/03/1970
John ap GriffinAward of Arms01/03/1970

Arnulf SilkhairMaster-of-Arms03/21/1970
Jean de la Grand' AnseKnight03/21/1970
Robert RoundpounderKnight03/21/1970
Stephen BlackeagleKnight03/21/1970
Felice of Mayhem HouseAward of Arms03/21/1970
Ruthven of RockridgeAward of Arms03/21/1970
Arnulf SilkhairMuckin' Great Clubbe03/21/1970

Arthur of LockehavenMaster-of-Arms04/12/1970
Ioseph of Locksley, the RhymerLaurel04/12/1970
Ivan of NavaretteMaster-of-Arms04/12/1970
Jon FitzRolf, called the Lean (aka Jon FitzRauf, called the Lean, Jon the Lean)Knight04/12/1970
Michael of MoriaLaurel04/12/1970

Richard the MildAward of Arms04/25/1970

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