Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Caradoc & Amie - From Jan 4, AS III to May 17, AS IV

Last Updated: October 16, AS LII (2017)

Leanne of MaywoodDuchess01/04/1969
Edwin BersarkLaurel01/04/1969
Jon de ClesLaurel01/04/1969
Harold BreakstoneGrant of Arms01/04/1969
Karina of the Far WestGrant of Arms01/04/1969
Randall of HightowerGrant of Arms01/04/1969
Sylvanus Andere (aka Silvanus Andere)Baron/Award of Arms01/04/1969
Geraldine of Toad HallAward of Arms01/04/1969
Luise of the PhoenixAward of Arms01/04/1969
Njali StyrbjornsoniAward of Arms01/04/1969
Robert of DunharrowAward of Arms01/04/1969

Marynel of DarkhavenLaurel03/23/1969
David of IllwheirlaneGrant of Arms03/23/1969
Ann Parkhurst (Ann Parkhurst of Gatehouse)Award of Arms03/23/1969
Thumas na Leabar o ConaireMuckin' Great Clubbe03/23/1969

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