Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Caradoc & Amie - From Jan 4, AS III to May 17, AS IV

Last Updated: December 14, AS LII (2017)

01/04/1969 (Saturday) -- Twelfth Night Coronation
   Leanne of MaywoodDuchess
   Edwin BersarkLaurel
   Jon de ClesLaurel
   Harold BreakstoneGrant of Arms
   Karina of the Far WestGrant of Arms
   Randall of HightowerGrant of Arms
   Sylvanus Andere (aka Silvanus Andere)Baron/Award of Arms
   Geraldine of Toad HallAward of Arms
   Luise of the PhoenixAward of Arms
   Njali StyrbjornsoniAward of Arms
   Robert of DunharrowAward of Arms

03/23/1969 (Sunday) -- Spring Crown Tournament
   Marynel of DarkhavenLaurel
   David of IllwheirlaneGrant of Arms
   Ann Parkhurst (Ann Parkhurst of Gatehouse)Award of Arms
   Thumas na Leabar o ConaireMuckin' Great Clubbe

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