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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

William & Sheryl - From Jan 6, AS II to May 5, AS III

Last Updated: September 1, AS L (2015)

Henrik of Havn (aka Henrik the Dane)Duke01/06/1968
Leanne of MaywoodCountess01/06/1968
Alfonso de Castile (aka Alfonso of Castile, Ron Morgan)Laurel01/06/1968
Bela of EastmarchKnight01/06/1968
Beverly HodgheadLaurel01/06/1968
Edwin BersarkMaster-of-Arms01/06/1968
Fulk de WyvernKnight01/06/1968
Jamie of the OakenshieldKnight01/06/1968
Karl vom AchtKnight01/06/1968
Kerry the RockKnight01/06/1968
Leanne of MaywoodOrder of the Rose01/06/1968
Richard of Mont Royal, the Short (aka Richard of Mont Real, Richard the Short, Aeginius)Master-of-Arms01/06/1968
Siegfried von HoflichskeitKnight01/06/1968
Steven MacEanruigKnight01/06/1968

Stefan de LorraineKnight03/23/1968
Jamie of the OakenshieldMuckin' Great Clubbe03/23/1968
Stefan de LorraineMuckin' Great Clubbe03/23/1968

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