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Roll of Western Heroes

This recognition is granted to those few fighters whose actions in war have transcended that of their fellow combatants by displaying indomitable spirit and honor on the field of battle. Those so honored will have their name, the date, the field of battle and the act(s) that earned them this recognition inscribed on a Scroll of Honor, with all others who have been so recognized, to be immortalized for all time. There is no token given for this award.

Date This List Was Generated: December 14, AS LII (2017)

Brand McClellan (aka Brand MacClellan) (#1)     Feb 19, AS XXXIX (2005)     Alden & Constantina (West)

Uther Schiemann der Hunt (aka Uther Thorenson der Hount, Uther der Hund, Clavell von der Lowe) (#2)     Feb 18, AS XL (2006)     Fabian & Eliška (West)

Hauoc Bender (aka Hauoc of House Bender, Hauoc Longstep, Hauoc Longstride, Hauoc von Kirstenherz) (#3)     Aug 17, AS XLI (2006)     Radnor & Ysabeau (West)

Fabian Arnett von Schwetzingen (aka Fabian Arnet) (#4)     Feb 17, AS XLI (2007)     Uther & Kára (West)

Radnor of Guildemar (#5)     Jun 30, AS XLII (2007)     Jade & Kaaren (West)

Jade of Starfall (#6)     Jan 5, AS XLII (2008)     Hauoc & Ginevra (West)

Thorfinn the Cruel (aka Thorfinn of Rivenoak, Thorfinn Magnusson) (#7)     Feb 9, AS XLII (2008)     Gemini & Mari (West)

Alden of Wolverton (#8)     Jul 5, AS XLIII (2008)     Titus & Eilis (West)

Eyvindr Gunnarsson (aka Eyvandr Gunnarsson) (#9)     Oct 11, AS XLIII (2008)     Uther & Kára (West)

Joseph Blayde (aka Blayde of the Black Tigers) (#10)     Oct 10, AS XLIV (2009)     Titus & Eilis (West)

Helgi Ulfssen (aka Helgi le Bastarde) (#11)     Jul 3, AS XLVI (2011)     Marc & Patricia (West)

Marc de Arundel (aka Mark of Fettburg) (#12)     Jul 7, AS XLVII (2012)     Hauoc & Mina (West)

Mathias von Leuwenberg (#13)     Oct 12, AS XLVIII (2013)     Marc & Patricia (West)

David Bucket (aka James Bucket, Bucket of Mac Tir, Bucket of the Lear's Lady) (#14)     Feb 27, AS XLIX (2015)     Miles & Æsa (West)

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