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Grand March/Order of Precedence

What is an "Order of Precedence"? In the early days of the SCA, when the West Kingdom was much smaller, a Grand March was held on a regular basis, with each person who had at least an Award of Arms or higher recognition was introduced to the King and Queen. As the Kingdom got larger, this started taking longer and longer. At this time, the West does not actually, at Kingdom events, hold a Grand March. However, knowing who "ranks" whom is still interesting to many folk, if for no other reason, as a curiosity. It is also helpful to understand when Royalty from other Kingdoms visits how to handle placing them in Court, marching them into Court if Court starts with a procession, etc. Note that the following is meant to be as close to accurate a listing as possible, without naming the current holders of the titles. More details on where to find that information is at the bottom of this page. For the most part, the following information will not have as much use as it used to, Grand Marches do not occur at Kingdom events (due to time constraints) anymore. The order of precedence given below is ONLY for Grand Marches, and does not have any other official purpose.

West Kingdom Royalty:

The King and Queen of the West
   The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of the West
The Prince and Princess of The Mists
   The Lord and Lady of The Mists
The Prince and Princess of Cynagua
   The Lord and Lady of Cynagua
The Prince and Princess of Oertha
   The Lord and Lady Borealis

Visiting Royalty from Other Kingdoms in this order:

(includes King and Queen, Crown Prince and Princess, etc.)
The Kingdom of the East
The Kingdom of the Middle
The Kingdom of Atenveldt
The Kingdom of Meridies
The Kingdom of Caid
The Kingdom of Ansteorra
The Kingdom of Atlantia
The Kingdom of An Tir
The Kingdom of Calontir
The Kingdom of Trimaris
The Kingdom of the Outlands
The Kingdom of Drachenwald
The Kingdom of Artemisia
The Kingdom of Æthelmarc
The Kingdom of Ealdormere
The Kingdom of Lochac
The Kingdom of Northshield
The Kingdom of Gleann Abhann
The Kingdom of Avacal

Great Officers of State:

The Seneschal
The Vesper Principal Herald
The Earl Marshal
The Minister of Arts & Sciences
The Chancellor of the Exchequer
The Chronicler
The Chirurgeon
The Constable

The Barons and/or Baronesses of:

(in order of creation)
The Barony of Allyshia
The Barony of Eskalya
The Barony of Tarnmist
The Barony of the Westermark
The Barony of Winter's Gate
The Barony of Fett Burg
The Barony of Darkwood
The Barony of The Far West
The Barony of Rivenoak
The Barony of Selviergard


(By date within each ranking)
Dukes and Duchesses
Counts and Countesses
Viscounts and Viscountesses
Members of the Orders of Chivalry, The Laurel, The Pelican, and Defense
Members of the Order of the Golden Poppy
Members of the Royal Missle Company and the Western Gold Scarf
   (Include Awards that give Grants of Arms from other Kingdoms here)
Holders of Grants of Arms
Members of the Order of the Western Lily
Members of the Orders of the Leaf of Merit, the Rose Leaf and the Ash Leaf
   (Include Awards that give Awards of Arms from other Kingdoms here)
Barons and Baronesses of the Court
Holders of Awards of Arms

If you wish to see a listing of the current holders of the titles shown, the Royalty can be found here: Royalty of the West;
the Great Officers and Territorial Barons/Baronesses can be found listed on the West Kingdom website and/or the latest issue of The Page (The Kingdom newsletter).
If you want a PDF of the Order of Precedence listing, go here: West Kingdom Order of Precedence.

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