Awards and Honors

Principality of Oertha

Recipients of the Ursa Minor

The Ursa Minor may be given upon successful completion of the Oertha Page School program, in recognition of the service and knowledge gained through the program. The Page School officer shall maintain the program, and will advise the Coronet of participants who, through service and learning, have shown maturity in the customs of the Society and Principality. The token for this award shall be a bear charm, hung from a cord of Principality colors.
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Date This List Was Generated: January 19, AS LII (2018)

Raphael Viaschlav' (aka Suzuki Ryujiro Nobuuji, Galyn Garret, Rafial Viaschlav)     Jul 17, AS XLV (2010)     Kenric & Rolynnda (Oertha)
Sibylla of Winter's Gate (aka Genevieve Beauvais)     Jul 17, AS XLV (2010)     Kenric & Rolynnda (Oertha)
Yukiko Yamamoto     Jul 17, AS XLV (2010)     Kenric & Rolynnda (Oertha)

Tama Katerina Evstokh'eva (aka Katerina Evstokh'eva, Tamitsa Katerina Evstokh'eva)     Jan 16, AS XLV (2011)     Magnus & Esperanza (Oertha)

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