Awards and Honors

Principality of Oertha

Members of the Order of the Sandhill Crane

Presented for notable achievements in enhancing the pageantry and richness of these Current Middle Ages, primarily through the use of heraldry, whether it be display, oral, or written. The token of this award shall consist of a white crane.

Date This List Was Generated: January 19, AS LII (2018)

Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov (aka Kevhran, Kevrin Acquired of Seabright)     Oct 18, AS XLIX (2014)     Gregor & Isabella (Oertha)

Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor (aka Clare de Norwude, Claire of Shadowdale)     Nov 8, AS XLIX (2014)     Gregor & Isabella (Oertha)

Morgana yr Oerfa (aka Morgana of the Icy Wastes, Morgana n'ha Keridwen)     Dec 20, AS XLIX (2014)     Gregor & Isabella (Oertha)

Isabella Hawke     Jul 17, AS L (2015)     Shawn & Arabella (Oertha)

Margarita Catherine di Calvi (aka Gretchen the Mischievous, Gretchen of Hennforde)     Apr 2, AS L (2016)     Shawn & Arabella (Oertha)

Caitríona inghean ui Chionaodha (aka Amber Kenna, Amber Kenna of House Nighthawke)     Jul 16, AS LI (2016)     Shawn & Arabella (Oertha)

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