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Principality of Oertha

Members of the Order of the Bards of Oertha

The Coronet may elevate any of Their Subjects to The Order of the Bards of Oertha, who have notably enriched the Principality in the bardic arts. The Coronet may decide to present this recognition directly, or may determine the individual to be awarded through a contest. The token of this award shall be a golden harp pendant hung from a cord of Principality colors.
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Date This List Was Generated: December 14, AS LII (2017)

Jenifer of Squalid Manor (aka Jenyvr of Squalid Manor) (#1)     May 19, AS XXXVI (2001)     Kylson & Sorcha (Oertha)

Bjarni Ešvaršarson ķ Jórvķk (aka Bjarni Ešvaršarson af Jorvik, Bjarni Edwardsson, Bjarni Edwardsson of Jarrik) (#2)     Jun 16, AS XXXVI (2001)     Kylson & Sorcha (Oertha)

Anne of Bradford (#3)     Dec 15, AS XXXVI (2001)     Magnus & Esperanza (Oertha)
Kylson Skyfyre (#3)     Dec 15, AS XXXVI (2001)     Magnus & Esperanza (Oertha)

Stefanos the Merchant (aka Stephen the Merchant, Stefanos, Pasha) (#4)     Jan 18, AS XXXVIII (2004)     Cyrus & Amber (Oertha)

Playne Clover of Foxfield (aka Clover of Foxfield) (#5)     Jul 15, AS XLI (2006)     Dietrich & Rosaline (Oertha)

Rolynnda of the Azure Stone (#6)     Jan 22, AS XLVI (2012)     Rurik & Trava (Oertha)

Halfdan Ǫzurarson (aka Thomas of Selviergard, Halfdan Ōzurrson, Thomas Sorngrym, Thomas Twobears Sorngrym) (#7)     May 25, AS XLVIII (2013)     Kenric & Katerina (Oertha)

Gwyneth Rhiannon of the Sea (#8)     Jan 17, AS XLIX (2015)     Gregor & Isabella (Oertha)

Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor (aka Clare de Norwude, Claire of Shadowdale) (#9)     Jan 16, AS L (2016)     Duncan & Violet (Oertha)

Sorcha Careman (aka Sorcha Caramon) (#10)     Aug 26, AS LII (2017)     Søren & Alienor (Oertha)

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