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Recipients of The Muckin' Great Clubbe

This honor is given for ferocity on the field. The current holder of the honor maintains a massive club with a spike driven through the head. They are responsible for determining the next holder of the Clubbe, and for rubbing at least one pound of wax into the Clubbe. The recipient is expected to present the Clubbe to a new recipient IN COURT sometime in the near future, so it gets passed on.Sometimes abbreviated: MGC
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Date This List Was Generated: January 19, AS LII (2018)

Brand McClellan (aka Brand MacClellan)     * Unknown *     * Unknown * (West)
Frederick of Holland     * Unknown *     * Unknown * (West)
Wilhelm von der Grün (aka Firewalker of Mac Tire, William Firewalker von der Grun)     * Unknown *     * Unknown * (West)
Wilhelm Zweikopfig Falke (aka Wilhelm von Zweikopfiegen Falke)     * Unknown *     * Unknown * (West)

Henrik of Havn (aka Henrik the Dane)     Apr 30, AS I (1967)     Fulk & Mary (West)

Kerry the Rock     Jun 24, AS II (1967)     Richard & Diana (West)

Edwin Bersark     Sep 30, AS II (1967)     Henrik & Leanne (West)

Jamie of the Oakenshield     Mar 23, AS II (1968)     William & Sheryl (West)
Stefan de Lorraine     Mar 23, AS II (1968)     William & Sheryl (West)

Caradoc ap Cador     May 5, AS III (1968)     Richard & La Rana (West)

Siegfried von Hoflichskeit     Jun 23, AS III (1968)     Richard & La Rana (West)

Houri the Savage     Sep 22, AS III (1968)     Henrik & Leanne (West)

Thumas na Leabar o Conaire     Mar 23, AS III (1969)     Caradoc & Amie (West)

Stephen Blackeagle     Jun 22, AS IV (1969)     Siegfried & Ardys (West)

Hubert de Recoing (aka Robert de Recoing)     Oct 4, AS IV (1969)     Henrik & Leanne (West)

Arnulf Silkhair     Mar 21, AS IV (1970)     Stefan & Luise (West)

Charles of Mercury     Jun 20, AS V (1970)     Stephen & Astrid (West)

William of York (aka William Gordon of York)     Oct 10, AS V (1970)     Henrik & Leanne (West)

Jerald of Galloway     Mar 20, AS V (1971)     Jean & Ellen (West)

Paul of Bellatrix     Oct 16, AS VI (1971)     Hagen & Ruth (West)
Thomas of the Pines     Oct 16, AS VI (1971)     James & Verena (West)

Andrew of Riga     Mar 26, AS VI (1972)     Paul & Carol (West)

Steven MacEanruig     Jun 17, AS VII (1972)     James & Verena (West)

Ranulf of the North Country     Oct 22, AS VII (1972)     Paul & Carol (West)

Garryl Harper Flaming Sword     Mar 24, AS VII (1973)     James & Verena (West)

Elriin of Hrassvelg     Jun 23, AS VIII (1973)     Paul & Carol (West)

Kevin Peregrynne     Sep 30, AS VIII (1973)     Henrik & Seitse (West)

Elric de Cassell     Mar 30, AS VIII (1974)     Andrew & Salome (West)

Bern Bellower     Jun 22, AS IX (1974)     William & Donna (West)

Martin the Temperate     Sep 21, AS IX (1974)     Douglas & Lorna (West)

Einar aus Enwelt     Mar 22, AS IX (1975)     Paul & Carol (West)

William the Lucky     Jun 21, AS X (1975)     Andrew & Patrice (West)

Christopher of Hoghton     Sep 27, AS X (1975)     Douglas & Lorna (West)

Guy de Montford (aka Guy Marchand de Montvert)     Mar 20, AS X (1976)     William & Donna (West)

Mary of Uffington     Jun 20, AS XI (1976)     Paul & Carol (West)

Tamsin of the Raven Tresses     Mar 19, AS XI (1977)     Andrew & Patrice (West)

Strider of Duramen, the Persistent     Jun 18, AS XII (1977)     Terrence & Jennet (West)

Marshall of Eaglesbane (aka Marshal of Eaglesbane)     Sep 25, AS XII (1977)     Paul & Carol (West)

Morgan Cain (aka Morgan merch Rhys, Morgan ap Rhys, Harold the Grim)     Mar 18, AS XII (1978)     Terrence & Allissandra (West)

Ragnar of the Icy Wastes     Jun 24, AS XIII (1978)     Gregory & Bevin (West)

Brian Dritar an Con     Oct 7, AS XIII (1978)     James & Verena (West)
William the Lucky     Oct 7, AS XIII (1978)     James & Verena (West)

Wilowen of Stuarts (aka Willowen of Stuarts, Wilowen of Stuarts ap Dunnaway)     Apr 28, AS XIII (1979)     Steven & Alyanora (West)

Wilowen of Stuarts (aka Willowen of Stuarts, Wilowen of Stuarts ap Dunnaway)     Jun 23, AS XIV (1979)     Steingrim & Rhiannon (West)

Geoffrey de Rennes (aka Ilkka the Crazed, Karl Eisenfaust)     Jan 12, AS XIV (1980)     Christopher & Esmirelda (West)

Manfred Kriegstreiber (aka Manfred Eifenblau, Pul ul Din)     Jun 22, AS XV (1980)     Strider & Kathryn (West)

Wilowen of Stuarts (aka Willowen of Stuarts, Wilowen of Stuarts ap Dunnaway)     Aug 23, AS XV (1980)     Radnor & Esmirelda (West)

Maythen Gervaise (aka Maythen of Elfhaven)     Mar 1, AS XV (1981)     Frederick & Nicorlynn (West)

Deirdre de Gildelyn     Oct 17, AS XVI (1981)     Steingrim & Lenora (West)

Andrea of Clear Mount     Jun 20, AS XVII (1982)     James & Verena (West)

Carl of Sutherland (aka Carl of Ravenshore)     Jun 18, AS XVIII (1983)     Radnor & Esmirelda (West)

Geoffrey of Griffinhold     Mar 24, AS XVIII (1984)     William & Joanne (West)

Obadiah the Obstreperous     Jun 23, AS XIX (1984)     Ronald & Dierdriana (West)

Geoffrey of Griffinhold     Oct 6, AS XIX (1984)     James & Verena (West)

James Gael MacTire     Mar 23, AS XIX (1985)     Radnor & Grün (West)

Steven Shirebourne (aka Stephen Shireborne)     Oct 1, AS XX (1985)     Michael & Iseult (West)

Rolf the Relentless     Mar 22, AS XX (1986)     James & Verena (West)

Colin de Bray (aka Colin dearg Halfdane, Colin dearg)     Jun 15, AS XXI (1986)     Rolf & Lachlin (West)

Elrik Skap-Vargr (aka Elric of Wolfshead)     Oct 5, AS XXI (1986)     Stephen & Sariya (West)

David of Aragon (aka Dain of Aragon)     Oct 31, AS XXII (1987)     Stephen & Sariya (West)

Gerstan Heah Leah     Apr 28, AS XXIV (1990)     James & Verena (West)

Valgard Stonecleaver     May 4, AS XXVI (1991)     Eric & Aricia (West)

Wilowen of Stuarts (aka Willowen of Stuarts, Wilowen of Stuarts ap Dunnaway)     Jun 1, AS XXVI (1991)     Stephan & Niobe (West)

Alfred of Carlyle (aka Christian Roguespur, Christopher Roguespur)     Jun 21, AS XXVII (1992)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Vladimir Báthory (aka Vlad Bathery, Vlad the Indifferent)     Jun 19, AS XXVIII (1993)     Christian & Susan (West)

John of Skye     Jun 18, AS XXIX (1994)     Valgard & Megan (West)

Uther Schiemann der Hunt (aka Uther Thorenson der Hount, Uther der Hund, Clavell von der Lowe)     Apr 29, AS XXIX (1995)     Obadiah & Kiera (West)

Thorkill Stormchaser (aka Tjorkin ...)     Mar 21, AS XXXII (1998)     Fabian & Brynn (West)

Garick Köpke (aka Garick von Kopke, Garrick Blackhand)     Mar 20, AS XXXIII (1999)     Garick & Talitha (West)

Daniel Drake     Jun 19, AS XXXIV (1999)     Uther & Osa (West)

Thorfinn the Cruel (aka Thorfinn of Rivenoak, Thorfinn Magnusson)     Feb 15, AS XXXVII (2003)     Conor & Isa (West)

Talorc Balgair (aka Taloric Balgair of St. Brendans, Toloric Balgaard)     Oct 4, AS XXXVIII (2003)     Ragnar & Sciath (West)

Hauoc Bender (aka Hauoc of House Bender, Hauoc Longstep, Hauoc Longstride, Hauoc von Kirstenherz)     Oct 16, AS XXXIX (2004)     Jade & Eliana (West)

James Kristof (aka James Kristoff, James Skalli, James Thorsakail, James of Stoneguard, James Williamson)     Dec 9, AS XLI (2006)     Rolf & Aurora (West)

Christian Aethelwulf     May 27, AS XLII (2007)     Jade & Kaaren (West)

Thorfinn Sigurdson (aka Thorfinn Sigurdsson, Thorfinn of Wudholdt de Secq)     Feb 16, AS XLII (2008)     Gemini & Mari (West)

Sven Gotfriedson (aka Sven Godfriedson, Steven Lacey)     Oct 3, AS XLV (2010)     Titus & Arianwen (West)

Alfarr Utherson (aka Alfar Uthersson, Alan Utherson)     Jun 18, AS XLVI (2011)     Marc & Patricia (West)

Niall Mór mac Cernaich (aka Niall Mór, Niall Mór mac Briain, Niall Mor MacBrian)     Jul 6, AS XLVIII (2013)     Thorfinn & Étaín (West)

Brennos of the Mists (aka Brennos Agrocunos, Brannos Agrocunos, Seamus Gunn, Brennus Agrocunos)     May 10, AS XLIX (2014)     Conor & Isa (West)

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