Awards and Honors

Principality of the Mists

Those Honored as Lancers of the Mists

At the discretion of the Sovereign, those who have served as Oberst [Colonel] of the Prince's Lance may be entered into the order of the Lancers of the Mists. The token of this order shall be determined.

Date This List Was Generated: January 19, AS LII (2018)

Parlan MacGillivray (aka Parlan MacGilliurey)     May 19, AS XXXVI (2001)     Brion & Shaheena (Mists)

Robert of Woodsende     Nov 8, AS XXXVIII (2003)     Dmitriy & Jimena (Mists)

Leon von Schrecken (aka Leon David von Schrecken, Leon von Schreckenblitz)     May 14, AS XL (2005)     Leohtulf & Quentyn (Mists)

Richard de Camville     Nov 12, AS XL (2005)     Dmitriy & Hannah (Mists)

Leohtulf of the Silver Hills (aka Fenris Lightwielder)     Nov 10, AS XLII (2007)     Leon & Muriel (Mists)

Robert of Woodsende     May 15, AS XLV (2010)     Leohtulf & Gillian (Mists)

Roric Skaghen (aka Hrœrekr Skaginum, Roric Skogan, Rorik Helmbiter, Ruarik Helmbiter, Ruarik Skogan)     May 18, AS XLVIII (2013)     Bjarnheðinn & Dýrfinna (Mists)

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