Awards and Honors

Principality of the Mists

Current and Past Banner Bearers of the Mists

The Banner Bearer is charged with the possession and maintenance of a banner bearing the arms of the Principality, and will fight at the Sovereign's side when both are upon the field of battle. As the Banner Bearer follows the Sovereign, so does his position. The Sovereign shall bestow, in ceremony, the Bearer with His charge at Investiture and reclaim it at the Investiture of His Heirs. This honor lasts for the duration of the reign of the current Prince and Princess.

Date This List Was Generated: January 19, AS LII (2018)

John Theophilus (aka John the Boftist)     May 19, AS XXXVI (2001)     Parlan & Arianwen (Mists)

Magnus Zwerver (aka Magnus Arctos, Magnus von Drasman, Magnus Vanderman)     Nov 10, AS XXXVI (2001)     Richard & Elisabeth (Mists)

Martin of Rivenstar     May 11, AS XXXVII (2002)     Stephen & Elina (Mists)

Aaron of Buckminster (aka Aaron Palomedes of Buckminster, Lloyd of Tentor, Llwyd Tentor)     Sep 21, AS XXXVII (2002)     Stephen & Elina (Mists)

Rhys Ravenscroft     May 10, AS XXXVIII (2003)     Dmitriy & Jimena (Mists)

Padraig Mactyre (aka Nathair coan Mac Tier, Nathar of Mac Tir)     Nov 8, AS XXXVIII (2003)     Geoffrey & Catherine (Mists)

Erich der Helmschmied (aka Eric Helmschmidt, Erick Helmschmeid, Eric of Montaigne du Roi)     May 15, AS XXXIX (2004)     Titus & Eona (Mists)

Abd al-Hazeem Kalam Mahamut     Nov 13, AS XXXIX (2004)     Leohtulf & Quentyn (Mists)

Alan MacMillan (aka Allen MacMillan)     May 14, AS XL (2005)     Dmitriy & Hannah (Mists)

John Theophilus (aka John the Boftist)     Nov 12, AS XL (2005)     Roric & Peza (Mists)

Erich der Helmschmied (aka Eric Helmschmidt, Erick Helmschmeid, Eric of Montaigne du Roi)     Jan 20, AS XLI (2007)     Brion & Ysabella (Mists)

Robert of Woodsende     Jun 23, AS XLII (2007)     Leon & Muriel (Mists)

Ajax Thermopylokles     Aug 4, AS XLIII (2008)     Sigifrith & Kamiilah (Mists)

Artus Quintus (aka Uilleam Catach O'Maoilbhreanainn, Liam Catach O'Maoilbhreanainn)     Nov 22, AS XLIII (2008)     Roric & Syele (Mists)

Egil Uthersson     May 16, AS XLIV (2009)     Alfar & Leticia (Mists)

Egil Uthersson     Nov 21, AS XLIV (2009)     Leohtulf & Gillian (Mists)

Colin MacLear     May 22, AS XLV (2010)     Marc & Patricia (Mists)

Conall Eoin MacTavish (aka Conall of the Heavy Heart)     Nov 20, AS XLV (2010)     Mikolaj & Vittoria (Mists)

Egil Uthersson     May 21, AS XLVI (2011)     Miles & Francesca (Mists)

Uther Schiemann der Hunt (aka Uther Thorenson der Hount, Uther der Hund, Clavell von der Lowe)     Sep 8, AS XLVII (2012)     Loy & Sof'ia (Mists)

Jacomus the Patient     May 18, AS XLVIII (2013)     Heinrich & Inara (Mists)

Ajax Thermopylokles     Jan 4, AS XLVIII (2014)     Geoffrey & Catherine (Mists)

David of Aragon (aka Dain of Aragon)     Apr 5, AS XLVIII (2014)     Geoffrey & Catherine (Mists)

Niall Mór mac Cernaich (aka Niall Mór, Niall Mór mac Briain, Niall Mor MacBrian)     Sep 6, AS XLIX (2014)     Kolskeggr & Katla (Mists)

Martin of Rivenstar     Nov 22, AS XLIX (2014)     Brian & Marguerite (Mists)

Miles FitzRolf (aka Miles FitzRauf)     May 16, AS L (2015)     Alfarr & Eilis (Mists)

Kean de Lacy     Jul 4, AS L (2015)     Alfarr & Eilis (Mists)

Helga skjaldmęr (aka Helga Hrossdottir, Helga of Stoneguard, Helga Ironfist of Gargoyle's Keep)     Mar 12, AS L (2016)     Kean & Katherine (Mists)

Jared Galien (aka Jared Galan)     Sep 10, AS LI (2016)     Geoffrey & Catherine (Mists)

Jared Galien (aka Jared Galan)     Nov 5, AS LI (2016)     Antonii & Helga (Mists)

Lucius Cassius Maris (aka Kenneth MacKowen, Lucius Cassius Marius)     Jun 17, AS LII (2017)     Jason & Gwyneth (Mists)

Jason Esfenn fitz-Rolf (aka Jason Esfenn, Jason of Esfenn)     Nov 4, AS LII (2017)     Tomas & Snorri (Mists)

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