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Members of the Order of the Golden Poppy

This award is given to those people who have won the Arts and Sciences Competition of the Kingdom for the current year. As of October Crown, AS XLIII (2008), the Order of the Golden Poppy has been moved to rank above other Grant of Arms awards. It was also changed to carry a Grant of Arms -- this Grant of Arms is retroactive to those members of the Order who did not previously have a Grant of any sort (as of the date given above). The most recent winner of this competition is given a cloisone token to be worn signifying that they are the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion, and a cloak exists with poppies embroidered on the hem that may be worn. Members of the Order may wear a wreath of poppies, or may purchase a token similar to the one worn by the current Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion. Members of this Order may also modify their armory by adding a poppy or poppies to their arms, to signify membership in the Order. This order is closed as of March Crown, A.S. LI (51), 2017 C.E. by Order of Hans and Ivone, King and Queen of the West.
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Deporodh of Rannoch (Golden Poppy)     May 5, AS XIX (1984)     William & Joanne (West)
Edmund Renfield Wanderscribe (aka Renfield of the Inland March) (Golden Poppy)     May 5, AS XIX (1984)     William & Joanne (West)
Ella du Vergne (Golden Poppy)     May 5, AS XIX (1984)     William & Joanne (West)
Geraldine of Toad Hall (Golden Poppy)     May 5, AS XIX (1984)     William & Joanne (West)
Käthe Willig von Mainz (aka Kathe von Munchausen-Trimara) (Golden Poppy)     May 5, AS XIX (1984)     William & Joanne (West)
Mariposa de los Montoyas (Golden Poppy)     May 5, AS XIX (1984)     William & Joanne (West)
Merewyn de Lyonesse (Golden Poppy)     May 5, AS XIX (1984)     William & Joanne (West)
Trude Lacklandia (Golden Poppy)     May 5, AS XIX (1984)     William & Joanne (West)
William of York (aka William Gordon of York) (Golden Poppy)     May 5, AS XIX (1984)     William & Joanne (West)

Astrith of Swansvale (Golden Poppy)     Jan 5, AS XIX (1985)     William & Joanne (West)

Carl of Sutherland (aka Carl of Ravenshore) (Golden Poppy)     Jan 3, AS XXI (1987)     * Unknown * (West)

Janet of Arden (Golden Poppy)     Mar 21, AS XXI (1987)     William & Joanne (West)

Gerald of Ipsley (Golden Poppy)     Jan 2, AS XXII (1988)     Stephen & Sariya (West)

Heather of Sutherland (Golden Poppy)     Jan 6, AS XXIV (1990)     Jade & Amanda (West)

Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn (aka Keridwen ferch Morgan Glasfryn, Keridwen o'r Mynydd Gwrdd) (Golden Poppy)     Jan 4, AS XXVI (1992)     Phillip & Linda (West)

Siobhán ní hEodhusa (Golden Poppy)     Jan 9, AS XXVII (1993)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Wander Riordan (Golden Poppy)     Jan 15, AS XXVIII (1994)     Stephan & Niobe (West)

Elina of Beckenham (aka Elina Thrymsfostra) (Golden Poppy)     Jan 3, AS XXXII (1998)     Fabian & Brynn (West)

Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke (Golden Poppy)     Jan 2, AS XXXIII (1999)     Garick & Talitha (West)

Malachias von Morgenstern (aka Malachias von der Morgenstern) (Golden Poppy)     Jan 8, AS XXXIV (2000)     Fabian & Brynn (West)

Danaë FitzRoberts (Golden Poppy)     Jan 5, AS XXXVI (2002)     Uther & Portia (West)

Eirný Þorvaldsdóttir (aka Eirny Thorvaldsdottir) (Golden Poppy)     Mar 22, AS XXXVII (2003)     Conor & Isa (West)

Rowan of Hakesleah (aka Rowan Hakesleah, Rowan of House Hakesleah) (Golden Poppy)     Jan 3, AS XXXVIII (2004)     Hans & Ivone (West)

Francesca von Hesse (aka Leeila Natasha de Borghese) (Golden Poppy)     Jan 8, AS XXXIX (2005)     Alden & Constantina (West)

Sabrina de la Bere (Golden Poppy)     Jan 7, AS XL (2006)     Fabian & Eliška (West)

Donata Bonacorsi (aka Donata Ivanovna Basistova) (Golden Poppy)     Jan 6, AS XLI (2007)     Uther & Kára (West)

Aurelia d'Ouessant (Golden Poppy/Grant of Arms)     Jan 9, AS XLIV (2010)     Uther & Kára (West)

Johanna Ludwiger von Hertesbergk (aka Johanna Ludwiga von Herzburg, Anja Thorbjorn) (Golden Poppy)     Jan 8, AS XLV (2011)     Titus & Arianwen (West)

Derelei filia Uoret (aka Derelei ingen Ferat, Derile ingen Ferat, Caellain ingen Ferat, Derelai ingen Ferat) (Golden Poppy/Grant of Arms)     Jan 4, AS XLVIII (2014)     Marc & Patricia (West)

Basia Pomorska (aka Basia Lwandowski, Basia Zofia of Pomerania) (Golden Poppy/Grant of Arms)     Jan 3, AS XLIX (2015)     Mikolaj & Arianwen (West)

Rauðhrefna Skeggadóttir (aka Rawthr-Hrefna Skeggadottir, Red) (Golden Poppy/Grant of Arms)     Jan 9, AS L (2016)     Miles & Ariela (West)

Heidi von der Bergen (aka Heidi von der Berg) (Golden Poppy/Grant of Arms)     Mar 25, AS LI (2017)     Roger & Zanobia (West)

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