Awards and Honors

Current and Past West Kingdom Equestrian Champions

An annual West Kingdom Equestrian Championship will be held prior to 12th Night. The victor of the annual West Kingdom Equestrian Championship shall be named as the West Kingdom Equestrian Champion. The Equestrian Championship shall carry an Award of Arms if the new champion is not already armigerous.

Date This List Was Generated: January 19, AS LII (2018)

Michael of Casteles Kepe (aka Michael of Castle Keep)     Jan 6, AS XLI (2007)     Uther & Kára (West)

Joseph Blayde (aka Blayde of the Black Tigers)     May 5, AS XLII (2007)     Uther & Kára (West)

Illadore de Bedagrayne (aka Illadore de Bedegrayne)     May 3, AS XLIII (2008)     Titus & Eilis (West)

David Twynham     May 9, AS XLIV (2009)     Alden & Constantina (West)

Helga skjaldmær (aka Helga Hrossdottir, Helga of Stoneguard, Helga Ironfist of Gargoyle's Keep)     Jan 9, AS XLIV (2010)     Titus & Arianwen (West)

Laurentia Altstadt     Jan 8, AS XLV (2011)     Titus & Arianwen (West)

Aine ingen Fhinn (aka Aine ingen Fhionn, Aine of Graethorne, Aine Stet)     Jan 7, AS XLVI (2012)     Rolf & Aurora (West)

Gwendwyn the Silent (aka Gwendolyn the Silent)     Jan 5, AS XLVII (2013)     Obadiah & Ascelin (West)

Lancelot Pavonine (aka Lancelot of Perry)     Mar 24, AS XLVII (2013)     Obadiah & Ascelin (West)

Tiberius Adams (aka Tiberius Addams)     Jan 4, AS XLVIII (2014)     Uther & Kára (West)

Juliana of Avon (aka Julianna of Avon, Julianna d'Avalonia)     Jan 3, AS XLIX (2015)     Miles & Æsa (West)

Jose Ramirez de Coronado     Oct 18, AS L (2015)     Miles & Ariela (West)

Leia of Tarnmist     Jan 9, AS L (2016)     Marc & Patricia (West)

Dustin Thorn (aka Thoen Silverthorne of Silver Desert)     Jan 7, AS LI (2017)     Roger & Zanobia (West)
Katherine Gotehird (aka Katherine Goatherd)     Jan 7, AS LI (2017)     Roger & Zanobia (West)

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