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Special Character Encoding

When Da'ud ibn Auda was the Laurel King of Arms, he decided it was necessary to find a way to encode in ASCII characters some of the characters used in people's names from some languages that ASCII and ANSII character sets could not display -- these are the most common character sets used by most computer Operating Systems. Some of the characters shown below can be shown in the Windows ANSI (and sometimes the ASCII) character sets, as well as HTML, and may actually display in the name as it appears in the award list. Some of these may not, and that's the purpose of this encoding scheme.

So, what Da'ud came up with was a way to show these characters by 'embedding' them in the name surrounded by brackets {}.

The College of Arms of the SCA is currently using this scheme to show these characters for folks' registered names, and the Awards List data may show some of them as well using this special encoding, usually these will appear as an 'aka' (also known as), such as: Eliska z Jihlavy (aka Eli{sv}ka z Jihlavy). This means that the name Eliska should have the 's' replaced with 'š', giving: Eliška z Jihlavy. The chart below shows the basics of this notation, and how to interpret it.

The following is based on this document: Da'ud Notation and this document: Non-ASCII Symbols in the SCA Armorial Database.

Due to the fact that HTML can actually display many of these extra characters, the following is a listing of the codes, and what they look like (if HTML can display them). This might be useful for scribes, and anyone interested in these things.

CodeNameAppears AsHTML Entity
{'A}A graveÀÀ
{'a}a graveàà
{A'}A acuteÁÁ
{a'}a acuteáá
{A^}A circumflexÂÂ
{a^}a circumflexââ
{A~}A tildeÃÃ
{a~}a tildeãã
{A:}A diaeresis/umlautÄÄ
{a:}a diaeresis/umlautää
{Ao}A ringÅÅ
{ao}a ringåå
{A,}A ogonekĄĄ
{a,}a ogonekąą
{A-}A macronĀĀ
{a-}a macronāā
{AE}AE ligatureÆÆ
{ae}ae ligatureææ
{Au}A breveĂĂ
{au}a breveăă
{Av}A caronǍǍ
{av}a caronǎǎ
{"A}A double graveȀȀ
{"a}a double graveȁȁ
{An}A inverted breveȂȂ
{an}a inverted breveȃȃ
{A.}A with dot belowẠ
{a.}a with dot belowạ

{B-}B topbarƂƂ
{b-}b topbarƃƃ
{b/}b strokeƀƀ
{B.}B with dot belowḄ
{b.}b with dot belowḅ
{B_}B with line belowḆ
{b_}b with line belowḇ

{C'}C acuteĆĆ
{c'}c acutećć
{C,}C cedillaÇÇ
{c,}c cedillaçç
{Cv}C caronČČ
{cv}c carončč
{C^}C circumflexĈĈ
{c^}c circumflexĉĉ

{DH}Capital ethÐÐ
{dh}small ethðð
{Dv}D caronĎĎ
{dv}d caronďď
{D/}D strokeĐĐ
{d/}d strokeđđ
{D-}D topbarƋƋ
{d-}d topbarƌƌ
{D.}D with dot belowḌ
{d.}d with dot belowḍ
{D_}D with line belowḎ
{d_}d with line belowḏ
{D,}D cedillaḐ
{d,}d cedillaḑ

{'E}E graveÈÈ
{'e}e graveèè
{E'}E acuteÉÉ
{e'}e acuteéé
{E^}E circumflexÊÊ
{e^}E circumflexêê
{E:}E diaeresis/umlautËË
{e:}e diaeresis/umlautëë
{E,}E ogonekĘĘ
{e,}e ogonekęę
{E-}E macronĒĒ
{e-}e macronēē
{Eu}E breveĔĔ
{eu}e breveĕĕ
{E,}E ogonekĘĘ
{e,}e ogonekęę
{Ev}E caronĚĚ
{ev}e caroněě
{"E}E double graveȄȄ
{"e}e double graveȅȅ
{En}E inverted breveȆȆ
{en}e inverted breveȇȇ
{E~}E tildeẼ
{e~}e tildeẽ
{.E}E with dot aboveĖĖ
{.e}e with dot aboveėė
{E.}E with dot belowẸ
{e.}e with dot belowẹ

{ff}ff ligatureff
{fi}fi ligaturefi
{fl}fl ligaturefl

{Gh}Capital yoghȜȜ
{gh}small yoghȝȝ
{3}small yoghȝȝ
{G^}G circumflexĜĜ
{g^}g circumflexĝĝ
{Gu}G breveĞĞ
{gu}g breveğğ
{G,}G cedillaĢĢ
{g,}g cedillaģģ
{G/}G strokeǤǤ
{g/}g strokeǥǥ
{Gv}G caronǦǦ
{gv}g caronǧǧ
{G'}G acuteǴǴ
{g'}g acuteǵǵ
{G-}G macronḠ
{g-}g macronḡ

{H^}H circumflexĤĤ
{h^}h circumflexĥĥ
{H/}H strokeĦĦ
{h/}h strokeħħ
{H.}H with dot belowḤ
{h.}h with dot belowḥ
{H:}H with diaeresisḦ
{h:}h with diaeresisḧ
{H,}H with cedillaḨ
{h,}h with cedillaḩ
{h_}h with line belowẖ

{'I}I graveÌÌ
{'i}i graveìì
{I'}I acuteÍÍ
{i'}i acuteíí
{I^}I circumflexÎÎ
{i^}i circumflexîî
{I:}I diaeresis/umlautÏÏ
{i:}I diaeresis/umlautïï
{I-}I macronĪĪ
{i-}i macronīī
{I~}I tildeĨĨ
{i~}i tildeĩĩ
{Iu}I breveĬĬ
{iu}i breveĭĭ
{I,}I ogonekĮĮ
{i,}i ogonekįį
{.I}Capital I with dotİİ
{i}Small i without dotıı
{IJ}IJ ligatureIJIJ
{ij}ij ligatureijij
{I/}I strokeƗƗ
{i/}i strokeɨɨ
{Iv}I caronǏǏ
{iv}i caronǐǐ
{"I}I double graveȈȈ
{"i}i double graveȉȉ
{In}I inverted breveȊȊ
{in}i inverted breveȋȋ
{I.}I with dot belowỊ
{i.}i with dot belowị

{J^}J circumflexĴĴ
{j^}j circumflexĵĵ
{jv}j caronǰǰ

{K,}K cedillaĶĶ
{k,}k cedillaķķ
{Kv}K caronǨǨ
{kv}k caronǩǩ
{K'}K acuteḰ
{k'}k acuteḱ
{K.}K with dot belowḲ
{k.}k with dot belowḳ
{K_}K with line belowḴ
{k_}k with line belowḵ

{L/}L strokeŁŁ
{l/}l strokełł
{L'}L acuteĹĹ
{l'}l acuteĺĺ
{L,}L cedillaĻĻ
{l,}l cedillaļļ
{Lv}L caronĽĽ
{lv}l caronľľ
{L.}L with dot belowḶ
{l.}l with dot belowḷ
{L_}L with line belowḺ
{l_}l with line belowḻ

{M'}M acuteḾ
{m'}m acuteḿḿ
{M.}M with dot belowṂ
{m.}m with dot belowṃ

{N'}N acuteŃŃ
{n'}n acuteńń
{N,}N cedillaŅŅ
{n,}n cedillaņņ
{Nv}N caronŇŇ
{nv}n caronňň
{N~}N tildeÑÑ
{n~}n tildeññ
{N.}N with dot belowṆ
{n.}n with dot belowṇ
{N_}N with line belowṈ
{n_}n with line belowṉ
{Ng}Capital EngŊŊ
{ng}Small engŋŋ

{'O}O graveÒÒ
{'o}o graveòò
{O'}O acuteÓÓ
{o'}o acuteóó
{O^}O circumflexÔÔ
{o^}o circumflexôô
{O~}O tildeÕÕ
{o~}o tildeõõ
{O:}O diaeresis/umlautÖÖ
{o:}o diaeresis/umlautöö
{OE}OE ligatureŒŒ
{oe}oe ligatureœœ
{O,}O ogonekǪǪ
{o,}o ogonekǫǫ
{O-}O macronŌŌ
{o-}o macronōō
{O/}O slashØØ
{o/}o slashøø
{Ou}O breveŎŎ
{ou}o breveŏŏ
{O"}O double acuteŐŐ
{o"}o double acuteőő
{Ov}O caronǑǑ
{ov}o caronǒǒ
{"O}O double graveȌȌ
{"o}o double graveȍȍ
{On}O inverted breveȎȎ
{on}o inverted breveȏȏ
{O.}O with dot belowỌ
{o.}o with dot belowọ

{P'}P acuteṔ
{p'}p acuteṕ

{R'}R acuteŔŔ
{r'}r acuteŕŕ
{R,}R cedillaŖŖ
{r,}r cedillaŗŗ
{Rv}R caronŘŘ
{rv}r caronřř
{"R}R double graveȐȐ
{"r}r double graveȑȑ
{Rn}R inverted breveȒȒ
{rn}r inverted breveȓȓ
{R.}R with dot belowṚ
{r.}r with dot belowṛ
{R_}R with line belowṞ
{r_}r with line belowṟ

{S'}S acuteŚŚ
{s'}s acuteśś
{S^}S circumflexŜŜ
{s^}s circumflexŝŝ
{S,}S cedillaŞŞ
{s,}s cedillaşş
{Sv}S caronŠŠ
{sv}s caronšš
{S.}S with dot belowṢ
{s.}s with dot belowṣ
{sz}s-zed (German sharp s)ßß
{st}st ligaturest

{T,}T cedillaŢŢ
{t,}t cedillaţţ
{Tv}T caronŤŤ
{tv}t caronťť
{T/}T strokeŦŦ
{t/}t strokeŧŧ
{T.}T with dot belowṬ
{t.}t with dot belowṭ
{T_}T with line belowṮ
{t_}t with line belowṯ
{t:}t with diaeresisẗ

{'U}U graveÙÙ
{'u}u graveùù
{U'}U acuteÚÚ
{u'}u acuteúú
{U^}U circumflexÛÛ
{u^}u circumflexûû
{U~}U tildeŨŨ
{u~}u tildeũũ
{U-}U macronŪŪ
{u-}u macronūū
{Uu}U breveŬŬ
{uu}u breveŭŭ
{Uo}U ringŮŮ
{uo}U ringůů
{U"}U double acuteŰŰ
{u"}u double acuteűű
{U,}U ogonekŲŲ
{u,}u ogonekųų
{U:}U diareesis/umlautÜÜ
{u:}u diareesis/umlautüü
{u!}u with vertical line (most fonts won't display...)
{Uv}U with caronǓǓ
{uv}u with caronǔǔ
{"U}U double graveȔȔ
{"u}u double graveȕȕ
{Un}U inverted breveȖȖ
{un}u inverted breveȗȗ
{U.}U with dot belowỤ
{u.}u with dot belowụ

{V~}V tildeṼ
{v~}v tildeṽ
{V.}V with dot belowṾ
{v.}v with dot belowṿṿ

{W^}W with circumflexŴŴ
{w^}w with circumflexŵŵ
{wo}w with ringẘ
{'W}W graveẀ
{'w}w graveẁ
{W'}W acuteẂ
{w'}w acuteẃ
{W:}W with diaeresisẄ
{w:}w with diaeresisẅ
{W.}W with dot belowẈ
{w.}w with dot belowẉ

{X:}X with diaeresisẌ
{x:}x with diaeresisẍ

{Y'}Y acuteÝÝ
{y'}y acuteýý
{Y:}Y diareesis/umlautŸŸ
{y:}y diareesis/umlautÿÿ
{Y^}Y circumflexŶŶ
{y^}y circumflexŷŷ
{yo}y ringẙ
{'Y}Y graveỲ
{'y}y graveỳ
{Y.}Y with dot belowỴ
{y.}y with dot belowỵ
{Y~}Y tildeỸ
{y~}y tildeỹ

{Z'}Z acuteŹŹ
{z'}z acuteźź
{Zv}Z caronŽŽ
{zv}z caronžž
{Z.}Z with dot belowẒ
{z.}z with dot belowẓ
{Z/}Z strokeƵƵ
{z/}z sdtrokeƶƶ
{Zh}Capital EZHƷƷ
{zh}Small ezhʒʒ
{Z^}Z circumflexẐ
{z^}z circumflexẑ
{Z_}Z with line belowẔ
{z_}z with line belowẕ
{.Z}Z with dot aboveŻŻ
{.z}z with dot aboveżż

{Ph}Greek Capital PhiΦΦ
{ph}Greek Small phiφφ
{Ps}Greek Capital PsiΨΨ
{ps}Greek Small psiψψ
{rh}Greek Small rhoρρ
{ch}Greek Small chiχχ

Some more descriptions:

The meanings of these various characters will vary from language to language, so it's impossible to explain what effect they might have on the pronunciation of a letter, without knowing the specific language being used. Not being a linguist, I've had to glean details from other sources for this document. -- Hirsch von Henford, Golem Herald

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