Awards and Honors

Principality of Cynagua

Members of the Order Au Coeur del le Cygne Noir

There are many who serve the Coronet and the Principality of Cynagua; however, there is an individual whose dedication to the Prince goes so far above and beyond the normal course of Loyalty, Service and Duty that the Prince must recognize this essential and meaningful service. As such, it is right and proper that the Prince honor this extraordinary individual with induction into the Order of the Heart of the Black Swan (Au Coeur de la Cygne Noir). This award may be given no more than two times per reign. The recognition may only be given by the Sovereign of the Principality (Prince or Princess by Right of Arms).

Date This List Was Generated: January 19, AS LII (2018)

Catriona Morgan     Jul 12, AS XLIX (2014)     Walerich (Cynagua)
Éibhear mac Cuilinn     Jul 12, AS XLIX (2014)     Walerich (Cynagua)

Malie inghean Cathail (aka Malie Magneau Cathal)     Jan 24, AS XLIX (2015)     Jost (Cynagua)
Micheila MacCallum (aka Michaela MacCollum, Mikaela McCullon, Mikaela of the Mists)     Jan 24, AS XLIX (2015)     Jost (Cynagua)

Brodie MacMorrow (aka Brody McMorrow)     Jan 23, AS L (2016)     Walerich (Cynagua)
Farleigh de Gray (aka Farleigh nic Laurie, Farleigh Greyson, Farleigh Greyerbiehl)     Jan 23, AS L (2016)     Walerich (Cynagua)

Lakhan Bornin syn (aka Loclan Bjornson, Lochlainn Bjarnarson, Lochlann Bjornson)     Jul 9, AS LI (2016)     Éibhear (Cynagua)
Vigdis Hakonsdottir (aka Vigdis Hakkondottir)     Jul 9, AS LI (2016)     Éibhear (Cynagua)
Walerich von Bredereke (aka Walerich von Brederek)     Jul 9, AS LI (2016)     Éibhear (Cynagua)
Ylva Lokhandottir     Jul 9, AS LI (2016)     Éibhear (Cynagua)

Clarice Walker (aka Katherine of Danegeld Tor, Clarice Robinson, Katherine Robinson, Kathryn Robinson)     Jul 22, AS LII (2017)     Raven (Cynagua)
Konrad the Bohemian (aka Conrad the Bohemian)     Jul 22, AS LII (2017)     Raven (Cynagua)

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