Awards and Honors

Knights and Masters at Arms of and in the West

Members of this Order are either Knights or Masters at Arms (or Masters of Arms), depending on whether or not they wished to swear fealty to the Thrones of the West at the time of their recognition. They are elevated to this rank for their ability on the field and for their courtesy and chivalry both on and off the field. Knights swear fealty to the King and Queen, sometimes to Princes, and are considered to be vassals of the King, while Masters at Arms may swear fealty to an individual King and Queen (or Prince and Princess) if they so desire. Knights wear white belts, and chains of large single links, and prick spurs if they so desire. Masters at Arms wear only a white baldric, a belt worn diagonally across the chest. For the Knights the chain represents the bond of fealty between the King and His Knight. The white belt is a symbol of chivalry and prowess, which is why both Knights and Masters at Arms wear white belts, albeit in different ways. The spurs come from the days when knights were mounted warriors, and are the symbol of the rank of knight. Sometimes abbreviated: KSCA or MSCA for Knight of the Society for Creative Anachronism, or Master at Arms of ...
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Date This List Was Generated: December 14, AS LII (2017)

Ardral Argo ver Kaeysc (aka David the Herald) (Knight)     May 1, AS I (1966)     * Unknown * (West)

Henrik of Havn (aka Henrik the Dane) (Knight)     Mar 25, AS I (1967)     Fulk & Mary (West)

William the Silent (Knight)     Sep 30, AS II (1967)     Henrik & Leanne (West)

Bela of Eastmarch (Knight)     Jan 6, AS II (1968)     William & Sheryl (West)
Fulk de Wyvern (Knight)     Jan 6, AS II (1968)     William & Sheryl (West)
Jamie of the Oakenshield (Knight)     Jan 6, AS II (1968)     William & Sheryl (West)
Karl vom Acht (Knight)     Jan 6, AS II (1968)     William & Sheryl (West)
Kerry the Rock (Knight)     Jan 6, AS II (1968)     William & Sheryl (West)
Siegfried von Hoflichskeit (Knight)     Jan 6, AS II (1968)     William & Sheryl (West)
Steven MacEanruig (Knight)     Jan 6, AS II (1968)     William & Sheryl (West)

Stefan de Lorraine (Knight)     Mar 23, AS II (1968)     William & Sheryl (West)

Caradoc ap Cador (Knight)     May 5, AS III (1968)     Siegfried & Marynel (West)

Earl of Morris (aka Earl the Fierce) (Knight)     Sep 2, AS III (1968)     Richard & La Rana (West)

Frederic of the West Tower (aka Frederick of the West Tower) (Knight)     Sep 22, AS III (1968)     Henrik & Leanne (West)

Robert of Dunharrow (Knight)     May 17, AS IV (1969)     Siegfried & Ardys (West)

Thumas na Leabar o Conaire (Knight)     Jun 22, AS IV (1969)     Siegfried & Ardys (West)

Cariadoc of the Bow (Knight)     Jul 9, AS IV (1969)     Siegfried & Ardys (West)

Houri the Savage (Knight)     Oct 4, AS IV (1969)     Henrik & Leanne (West)
Hubert de Recoing (aka Robert de Recoing) (Knight)     Oct 4, AS IV (1969)     Henrik & Leanne (West)

Jean de la Grand' Anse (Knight)     Mar 21, AS IV (1970)     Stefan & Luise (West)
Robert Roundpounder (Knight)     Mar 21, AS IV (1970)     Stefan & Luise (West)
Stephen Blackeagle (Knight)     Mar 21, AS IV (1970)     Stefan & Luise (West)

Jon FitzRolf, called the Lean (aka Jon FitzRauf, called the Lean, Jon the Lean) (Knight)     Apr 12, AS IV (1970)     Stefan & Luise (West)

Richard Ironsteed (Knight)     Jun 21, AS V (1970)     Stephen & Astrid (West)

Charles of Mercury (Knight)     Oct 10, AS V (1970)     Henrik & Leanne (West)

Carole the Grim (Knight)     Oct 11, AS V (1970)     Henrik & Leanne (West)

Hagen the Strong (Knight)     Mar 20, AS V (1971)     Jean & Ellen (West)

James Greyhelm (Knight)     May 1, AS VI (1971)     Hagen & Ruth (West)

Kevin Peregrynne (Knight)     Jun 19, AS VI (1971)     Hagen & Ruth (West)
Paul of Bellatrix (Knight)     Jun 19, AS VI (1971)     Hagen & Ruth (West)

Thomas of the Pines (Knight)     Oct 16, AS VI (1971)     James & Verena (West)

Bruno von der Eiche (Knight)     Mar 26, AS VI (1972)     Paul & Carol (West)

William of Hoghton (Knight)     Oct 22, AS VII (1972)     Paul & Carol (West)

Jerald of Galloway (Knight)     Oct 29, AS VII (1972)     Paul & Carol (West)

Reynard Crusadene of Foxmoor (Knight)     Feb 18, AS VII (1973)     Atenveldt

Andrew of Riga (Knight)     May 5, AS VIII (1973)     James & Verena (West)

Gareth the Russel (Knight)     May 12, AS VIII (1973)     Middle

William the Lucky (Knight)     Jul 29, AS VIII (1973)     Henrik & Seitse (West)

Christian of Orange (Knight)     Oct 13, AS VIII (1973)     Henrik & Seitse (West)
Hugh the Undecided (Knight)     Oct 13, AS VIII (1973)     Henrik & Seitse (West)
William of York (aka William Gordon of York) (Knight)     Oct 13, AS VIII (1973)     Henrik & Seitse (West)

Edgar the Unready (Knight)     Jan 5, AS VIII (1974)     Andrew & Salome (West)

Richard of Ravenwolf (Knight)     Mar 2, AS VIII (1974)     Andrew & Salome (West)

Elriin of Hrassvelg (Knight)     Mar 30, AS VIII (1974)     Andrew & Salome (West)
Sean Macarailt of Sandyhume (Knight)     Mar 30, AS VIII (1974)     Andrew & Salome (West)

Douglas Longshanks (Knight)     May 4, AS IX (1974)     Andrew & Salome (West)
Robert of Westmarch (Knight)     May 4, AS IX (1974)     Andrew & Salome (West)

Audun the Red (aka Audin Ulfsson the Red, Odin Ulfsson) (Knight)     Sep 8, AS IX (1974)     Douglas & Lorna (West)

Bern Bellower (Knight)     Sep 21, AS IX (1974)     Douglas & Lorna (West)

Mark von dem Falkensfenn (Knight)     Mar 22, AS IX (1975)     Paul & Carol (West)

John of Morris (Knight)     May 3, AS X (1975)     Andrew & Patrice (West)

Thomas the Merciless (Knight)     Jun 7, AS X (1975)     Andrew & Patrice (West)

Edward Zifran of Gendy (the Bastard) (aka Edward the Bastard) (Knight)     Jun 21, AS X (1975)     Andrew & Patrice (West)
Iain of Cawdor (Knight)     Jun 21, AS X (1975)     Andrew & Patrice (West)

Elrond of Gornoth (aka Elrond Blacksabre, Elrond of Gornath) (Knight)     Jun 28, AS X (1975)     Andrew & Patrice (West)

Terrence of Halliday (Knight)     Aug 2, AS X (1975)     Andrew & Patrice (West)

Rand of Dunbar (Knight)     Sep 27, AS X (1975)     Douglas & Lorna (West)

Morven of Carrick (Knight)     Sep 28, AS X (1975)     Douglas & Lorna (West)

Martin the Temperate (Knight)     Nov 22, AS X (1975)     Douglas & Lorna (West)

Steingrim Stallari (aka Steingrim Wulfharesson Stallari, Steingrim Wulfharesson) (Knight)     Mar 27, AS X (1976)     William & Donna (West)

Armand de Sevigny (aka Armand-Sebastian de la Foret de Savigny) (Knight)     Jun 5, AS XI (1976)     Paul & Carol (West)
Maihie, Heathen of Erin (aka Maihe MacFergy, Heathen of Erin) (Knight)     Jun 5, AS XI (1976)     Paul & Carol (West)

Lorin sur la Roche (Knight)     Jun 20, AS XI (1976)     Paul & Carol (West)

Balthazar of Endor (Knight)     Jul 10, AS XI (1976)     Ansteorra

Aldric of the Northmark (Knight)     Aug 21, AS XI (1976)     Middle

Theodulf of Borogrove (Knight)     Oct 2, AS XI (1976)     Kevin & Patrice (West)

Waldt von Markheim (Knight)     Nov 20, AS XI (1976)     Kevin & Patrice (West)

Bidaan (aka Bergan von Rauch) (Knight)     Jan 8, AS XI (1977)     Kevin & Patrice (West)
Strider of Duramen, the Persistent (Knight)     Jan 8, AS XI (1977)     Kevin & Patrice (West)

Gregory of York (Knight)     Apr 23, AS XI (1977)     Andrew & Patrice (West)

Christopher of Hoghton (Knight)     Jul 30, AS XII (1977)     Paul & Carol (West)
Maelgwyn de Lyonesse (Knight)     Jul 30, AS XII (1977)     Paul & Carol (West)

Charles of Dublin (Knight)     Sep 17, AS XII (1977)     Paul & Carol (West)

Heinrich Palantine (Knight)     Sep 24, AS XII (1977)     Paul & Carol (West)

David Westerville (aka David of Westerville) (Knight)     Sep 25, AS XII (1977)     Paul & Carol (West)
Mary of Uffington (Knight)     Sep 25, AS XII (1977)     Paul & Carol (West)

Balin of Tor (Knight)     Jan 7, AS XII (1978)     Paul & Carol (West)

Edward of South-Haven (aka Edward of South-Haven the Ambiguous) (Knight)     Apr 29, AS XII (1978)     Terrence & Allissandra (West)

Marshall of Eaglesbane (aka Marshal of Eaglesbane) (Knight)     Apr 30, AS XII (1978)     Gregory & Bevin (West)

Thorin Njalsson (aka Seamus MacChluraidh of Glenerochaidh, Seamus Peacemaker) (Knight)     Jun 24, AS XIII (1978)     Gregory & Bevin (West)

Ulfred Drommefjell (aka Ulfred Draumfjallr) (Knight)     Sep 9, AS XIII (1978)     James & Verena (West)

Allyn Samildanach (Knight)     Oct 7, AS XIII (1978)     James & Verena (West)

Scellanus of Skye (Knight)     Jan 6, AS XIII (1979)     James & Verena (West)

Trelon of the Wood (Knight)     Mar 24, AS XIII (1979)     Steven & Alyanora (West)

Radnor of Guildemar (Knight)     Mar 25, AS XIII (1979)     Steven & Alyanora (West)

Domric the Sober (Knight)     May 12, AS XIV (1979)     Steingrim & Rhiannon (West)
Ludwig von Lemminghaus (Knight)     May 12, AS XIV (1979)     Steingrim & Rhiannon (West)
Y Blackhand (aka Eric Blackhand, Blackhand) (Knight)     May 12, AS XIV (1979)     Steingrim & Rhiannon (West)

Nathan von Daritz (Knight)     May 19, AS XIV (1979)     Middle

Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst (Knight)     Jun 2, AS XIV (1979)     Caid

Ragnar of the Icy Wastes (Knight)     Jun 23, AS XIV (1979)     Steingrim & Rhiannon (West)

Morgan of Aberystwyth (Knight)     Jul 1, AS XIV (1979)     Steingrim & Rhiannon (West)

Harrold of Warrington (Knight)     Jul 21, AS XIV (1979)     Steingrim & Rhiannon (West)

Robert Kinslayer (Knight)     Oct 6, AS XIV (1979)     Radnor & Shannon-Morgan (West)

Thomas the Incomplete (Knight)     Jan 5, AS XIV (1980)     Radnor & Shannon-Morgan (West)

Brandon D'Arindel (Knight)     May 3, AS XV (1980)     Christopher & Esmirelda (West)

Dublin O'Guinn Silverwolf (Knight)     Aug 31, AS XV (1980)     Radnor & Esmirelda (West)

Ragnar Blackspruce (aka Ragnar the Rogue) (Knight)     Sep 13, AS XV (1980)     Radnor & Esmirelda (West)

Rolf the Relentless (Knight)     Jan 3, AS XV (1981)     Radnor & Esmirelda (West)

Adrian Buchanon (Knight)     Apr 11, AS XV (1981)     Caid

Anton Højen (Knight)     May 1, AS XVI (1981)     Atenveldt

Maythen Gervaise (aka Maythen of Elfhaven) (Knight)     May 2, AS XVI (1981)     Frederick & Nicorlynn (West)
William of Briardust (Knight)     May 2, AS XVI (1981)     Frederick & Nicorlynn (West)

Alfric Favnesbane (aka Alfrik Favnesbane) (Knight)     May 24, AS XVI (1981)     William & Andrea (West)

Berek von Langental (aka Berek von Langenthal) (Knight)     Jun 20, AS XVI (1981)     William & Andrea (West)
Garrick the Silent (Knight)     Jun 20, AS XVI (1981)     William & Andrea (West)
Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland (Knight)     Jun 20, AS XVI (1981)     William & Andrea (West)

Brendan Shimmeringstar (aka Alanbane the Ranger) (Knight)     Jul 12, AS XVI (1981)     William & Andrea (West)
Kylson Skyfyre (Knight)     Jul 12, AS XVI (1981)     William & Andrea (West)

Andrea of Clear Mount (Knight)     Aug 23, AS XVI (1981)     Steingrim & Lenora (West)
Wulf Sagan von Osten-See (aka Sagen von Osten-See) (Knight)     Aug 23, AS XVI (1981)     Steingrim & Lenora (West)

Torgul Steingrimsson (aka Torgul Bahadur, Torquil Bahadur) (Knight)     Sep 6, AS XVI (1981)     Steingrim & Lenora (West)

Geoffrey of Griffinhold (Knight)     Jun 20, AS XVII (1982)     James & Verena (West)

Eric von Steinhaus (Knight)     Jul 17, AS XVII (1982)     James & Verena (West)

Monteger of Hell's Hole (Knight)     Nov 20, AS XVII (1982)     Outlands

Wilhelm von Westfalen (aka Wilhelm aus Westfalen, Picrate of Aniline) (Knight)     Jan 8, AS XVII (1983)     An Tir

Alric Bowbreaker of the High March (Knight)     Mar 19, AS XVII (1983)     East

Stephen of Beckenham (Knight)     Apr 30, AS XVII (1983)     Thomas & Trista (West)

Hilary of Serendip (Knight)     Oct 2, AS XVIII (1983)     Rolf & Lachlin (West)
Loren of Berwick (Knight)     Oct 2, AS XVIII (1983)     Rolf & Lachlin (West)
Ronald Wilmot (Knight)     Oct 2, AS XVIII (1983)     Rolf & Lachlin (West)

Michael Hugh Stuart (Knight)     Mar 24, AS XVIII (1984)     William & Joanne (West)

Robert of Woodsende (Knight)     May 12, AS XIX (1984)     Ronald & Dierdriana (West)

Phalin of Duramen (Knight)     Jun 23, AS XIX (1984)     Ronald & Dierdriana (West)

Eric Bearsbane (Knight [Ritter])     Jul 14, AS XIX (1984)     Ronald & Dierdriana (West)

Sten Halvorsen (Knight)     Aug 18, AS XIX (1984)     East

Alric of Castleburg (Knight)     Oct 6, AS XIX (1984)     James & Verena (West)

Leon von Schrecken (aka Leon David von Schrecken, Leon von Schreckenblitz) (Knight)     Mar 24, AS XIX (1985)     Radnor & Grün (West)

Colin de Bray (aka Colin dearg Halfdane, Colin dearg) (Knight)     May 4, AS XX (1985)     Radnor & Grün (West)

Artemas Maximus (aka Artos ap Maximus) (Knight)     Jun 30, AS XX (1985)     Paul & Rowena (West)
Donnan the Truehearted (Knight)     Jun 30, AS XX (1985)     Paul & Rowena (West)

Cealmhain Realt Dubh (aka Kelwyn Darkstar) (Knight)     Aug 25, AS XX (1985)     Michael & Iseult (West)

Eric Foxworthy (Knight)     Oct 6, AS XX (1985)     Michael & Iseult (West)
Steven of Norham (Knight)     Oct 6, AS XX (1985)     Michael & Iseult (West)

Avery of Kempsford (Knight)     Nov 16, AS XX (1985)     Caid

Aveloc the Younger (aka Aveloc the Young) (Knight)     Apr 30, AS XX (1986)     James & Verena (West)

Gregory Falconheart (aka Gregory Falconheart, the Cloudwatcher) (Knight)     May 1, AS XXI (1986)     James & Verena (West)

Brusi Anderson of the Shetlands (Knight)     May 10, AS XXI (1986)     James & Verena (West)
Haos Windchaser (aka Daniel Windchaser) (Knight)     May 10, AS XXI (1986)     James & Verena (West)
James the Sinister (Knight)     May 10, AS XXI (1986)     James & Verena (West)

Phillip Harlech of Exeter (Knight)     Jun 14, AS XXI (1986)     Rolf & Lachlin (West)

Torold of Hawkhurst (aka Torg of Hawkhurst, Torg o'Hawkhurst) (Knight)     Aug 23, AS XXI (1986)     Rolf & Lachlin (West)

Alail Horsefriend (Knight)     Jan 3, AS XXI (1987)     William & Joanne (West)
James Gael MacTire (Knight)     Jan 3, AS XXI (1987)     Stephen & Sariya (West)
Thomas Logan (aka Thomas Logan of Caer Glan y Mor) (Knight)     Jan 3, AS XXI (1987)     Stephen & Sariya (West)

Llywellyn ap Llwyd ap Iorwerth (aka Lewellyn ap Lloyd) (Knight)     Mar 1, AS XXI (1987)     Atenveldt

Gaius Marcellus Liberius Auklandus (aka Cai de Lyon, Gaius Marcellus Libris Auklandis) (Knight)     Mar 21, AS XXI (1987)     William & Joanne (West)
Garth of Windhaven (Knight)     Mar 21, AS XXI (1987)     William & Joanne (West)
Jade of Starfall (Knight)     Mar 21, AS XXI (1987)     William & Joanne (West)

Hugh Louis (aka Hugh de la Lautrin, Hugo de la Lautrin) (Knight)     Apr 18, AS XXI (1987)     William & Joanne (West)

Falan Bitor (Knight)     May 2, AS XXII (1987)     William & Joanne (West)

Gerstan Heah Leah (Knight)     Jun 20, AS XXII (1987)     Jade & Anastacia (West)

Sionnaich Creag (aka Corlaine of the Crags) (Knight)     Jun 21, AS XXII (1987)     Jade & Anastacia (West)

Nikolai Petrovich iz Taimyra (aka Rellik Tung) (Knight)     Jul 25, AS XXII (1987)     Jade & Anastacia (West)

Christian du Glaive (Knight)     Oct 3, AS XXII (1987)     Stephen & Sariya (West)
Drew Fortesque (Knight)     Oct 3, AS XXII (1987)     Stephen & Sariya (West)

Elrik Skap-Vargr (aka Elric of Wolfshead) (Knight)     Jan 2, AS XXII (1988)     Jade & Anastacia (West)

Cenwulf Godfyrht (aka Cenwulf Godfyrht of Thaen Fennum) (Knight)     Mar 20, AS XXII (1988)     Jade & Anastacia (West)

Richard de la Croix (Knight)     Apr 2, AS XXII (1988)     Jade & Anastacia (West)
Robert Gordon of Ravensbrook (Knight)     Apr 2, AS XXII (1988)     Jade & Anastacia (West)

Gilbert Bertram de Harfleur (Knight)     Apr 9, AS XXII (1988)     Atenveldt

Thomas Edmund of Ruislip (Knight)     Jun 19, AS XXIII (1988)     Radnor & Isabeau (West)

Jay d' Argent (aka Jay of Argent) (Knight)     Aug 27, AS XXIII (1988)     Radnor & Isabeau (West)

Khaalid al-Jaraad (aka Ambrose of Barduin) (Knight)     Oct 1, AS XXIII (1988)     Jade & Amanda (West)

Elffin of Mona (Knight)     Mar 27, AS XXIII (1989)     Geoffrey & Kira (West)

Styvyn Longshanks (aka Steven Longshanks, Styfren Longshanks) (Knight)     Apr 1, AS XXIII (1989)     Geoffrey & Kira (West)

Kane Greymane (Knight)     Apr 9, AS XXIII (1989)     Geoffrey & Kira (West)

Arius Helmcleaver (aka Arias Helmcleaver) (Knight)     Apr 29, AS XXIII (1989)     Stephen & Sophie (West)
Obadiah the Obstreperous (Knight)     Apr 29, AS XXIII (1989)     Geoffrey & Kira (West)

Farin of Ravberg (aka Farin of Rauberg) (Knight)     Apr 30, AS XXIII (1989)     Stephen & Sophie (West)

Gareth of Crawford (Knight)     Jun 24, AS XXIV (1989)     Stephen & Sophie (West)
Theodrik of Skane (aka Theodric of Skane) (Knight)     Jun 24, AS XXIV (1989)     Stephen & Sophie (West)

David of Aragon (aka Dain of Aragon) (Knight)     Jun 25, AS XXIV (1989)     Stephen & Sophie (West)

Georg of Glacier's Edge (aka Georg von Schlagen) (Knight [Riddari])     Jul 22, AS XXIV (1989)     Stephen & Sophie (West)
Phelan Swordbreaker (Knight)     Jul 22, AS XXIV (1989)     Stephen & Sophie (West)

Wiglaf Wilfriding (aka Wiglaf Wilfridsson) (Knight)     Aug 27, AS XXIV (1989)     Christian & Susan (West)

Anton von Hagenstein (Knight)     Sep 16, AS XXIV (1989)     East

John Theophilus (aka John the Boftist) (Knight)     Oct 7, AS XXIV (1989)     Christian & Susan (West)

Timothy ap Caradoc (Knight)     Dec 16, AS XXIV (1989)     Christian & Susan (West)

Andrew Shay Forestborn (aka Andrei the Wanderer, William Shay Forestborn) (Knight)     Jan 6, AS XXIV (1990)     Christian & Susan (West)
Douglas of Dunbar (Knight)     Jan 6, AS XXIV (1990)     Jade & Amanda (West)

Bran of Lochiel (Knight)     May 20, AS XXV (1990)     Jade & Amanda (West)

Conner McAuliffe FitzJames (Knight)     Jun 24, AS XXV (1990)     James & Verena (West)

Corwyn ap Rhys (aka Corwin Greyrider, Greyrider) (Knight)     Jul 7, AS XXV (1990)     Middle
Valgard Stonecleaver (Knight)     Jul 7, AS XXV (1990)     James & Verena (West)

Ragnar Beowulf (Knight)     Oct 6, AS XXV (1990)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Fabian Arnett von Schwetzingen (aka Fabian Arnet) (Knight)     Oct 7, AS XXV (1990)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Peter du Gant Noir (aka Peter D'Gaunt Noir) (Knight)     Nov 4, AS XXV (1990)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Corin Anderson (aka Corin Andersen) (Knight)     Dec 8, AS XXV (1990)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Eric Holdstar (Knight)     Jan 5, AS XXV (1991)     Eric & Aricia (West)

Gar of Loch Carron (Knight)     Mar 9, AS XXV (1991)     Caid

Richard of Alder Tree (Knight)     Apr 6, AS XXV (1991)     Eric & Aricia (West)

Stephan of Bellatrix (Knight)     Apr 13, AS XXV (1991)     Eric & Aricia (West)

Michael Saint Sever (aka Michael-san) (Knight)     Apr 28, AS XXV (1991)     Eric & Aricia (West)

Cybi de Elmhurst (aka Cuby of Elmhurst) (Knight)     May 4, AS XXVI (1991)     Eric & Aricia (West)

Agro of River Haven (aka Agro Agwesi, Agro d'Aix) (Knight)     May 11, AS XXVI (1991)     Stephan & Niobe (West)

Daemon Deorc (aka Demon Deorc, Daemon of Deorc, Damon Deorc) (Knight)     Sep 1, AS XXVI (1991)     Phillip & Linda (West)
Gareth of Greymarch (Knight)     Sep 1, AS XXVI (1991)     Phillip & Linda (West)

Snorri Ottarsson (Knight)     Sep 29, AS XXVI (1991)     Phillip & Linda (West)

Alberic der Sabelfechter (Knight)     Jan 4, AS XXVI (1992)     Phillip & Linda (West)
Sebastian von Baden (Knight)     Jan 4, AS XXVI (1992)     Phillip & Linda (West)

Skeggi Nyewcombe (aka Skygge Newcombe, Skeggi Hrafensfuri, Skeggi Ravensfury, Skeggi Norcross, Brennen Norcross) (Knight)     May 16, AS XXVII (1992)     An Tir

Anluan Trelaine (aka Trelaine of the Emerald Isle) (Knight)     Jul 4, AS XXVII (1992)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Sebastian of Ventbarré (aka Sebastian of Vent Barre) (Knight)     Jul 11, AS XXVII (1992)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Joseph Lee Catchpole (aka Joseph Lee of Starfyre) (Knight)     Aug 23, AS XXVII (1992)     Rolf & Mari (West)

Falan Silverhawk (Knight)     Oct 4, AS XXVII (1992)     Rolf & Mari (West)

Chandra Panthi (Knight)     Jan 9, AS XXVII (1993)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Havordh Ættarbani (aka Havorc Kinslayer) (Knight)     Mar 13, AS XXVII (1993)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Antoine le Rêveur (aka Antoine de la Rochelle) (Knight)     Apr 17, AS XXVII (1993)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Hauoc Bender (aka Hauoc of House Bender, Hauoc Longstep, Hauoc Longstride, Hauoc von Kirstenherz) (Knight)     May 1, AS XXVIII (1993)     Jade & Shaheena (West)

Alfred of Carlyle (aka Christian Roguespur, Christopher Roguespur) (Knight)     Jun 19, AS XXVIII (1993)     Christian & Susan (West)
Garick Köpke (aka Garick von Kopke, Garrick Blackhand) (Knight)     Jun 19, AS XXVIII (1993)     Christian & Susan (West)

Eric Ibrahim Mozarabe (aka Eric of Huntington, Eric Braheim Mozarab) (Knight)     Jun 20, AS XXVIII (1993)     Christian & Susan (West)

Alden of Wolverton (Knight)     Aug 21, AS XXVIII (1993)     Christian & Susan (West)

Richard of Greyefalle (Knight)     Oct 9, AS XXVIII (1993)     Fabian & Cyneswith (West)

John of Skye (Knight)     Jan 15, AS XXVIII (1994)     Fabian & Cyneswith (West)

Geoffrey Mathias (aka Jeffrey Mathias) (Knight)     Mar 27, AS XXVIII (1994)     Stephan & Niobe (West)

Eric Ravn (aka Eric Hrafn, Eric Reafan) (Knight)     Apr 3, AS XXVIII (1994)     Stephan & Niobe (West)

Vincenzo di Calabria (Knight)     Apr 23, AS XXVIII (1994)     Stephan & Niobe (West)

Cathan the Undecided (Knight)     Apr 30, AS XXVIII (1994)     Stephan & Niobe (West)

Jedidiah Larkin (Knight)     May 29, AS XXIX (1994)     Valgard & Megan (West)

Nicholaus Barchatov (aka Nicholaus Borchatov, Nicholas Barchatov) (Knight)     Jul 23, AS XXIX (1994)     Valgard & Megan (West)

Alfar of Attica (Knight)     Aug 27, AS XXIX (1994)     John & Gabriel (West)
Valerian Zakharevitch Druzhinnik (aka Valerian Zaharavitch Druzhinian) (Knight)     Aug 27, AS XXIX (1994)     Valgard & Megan (West)

Cornelius von Becke (Knight)     Sep 4, AS XXIX (1994)     John & Gabriel (West)

Ragnar Magnússon (aka Ragnar Jotunson) (Knight)     Nov 26, AS XXIX (1994)     John & Gabriel (West)

Thor Stagge (aka Thorstag Hrothgarsen, Thorstag Modisen, Warren of Rivenoak) (Knight)     Jan 7, AS XXIX (1995)     John & Gabriel (West)
Veniamin Nafanovich Medvednikogotev (Knight)     Jan 7, AS XXIX (1995)     Fabian & Cyneswith (West)

Mathias von Leuwenberg (Knight)     Mar 18, AS XXIX (1995)     Atenveldt

Thorfinn the Cruel (aka Thorfinn of Rivenoak, Thorfinn Magnusson) (Knight)     Apr 29, AS XXIX (1995)     Obadiah & Kiera (West)

Ursus of Rydborg (Knight)     Jun 19, AS XXX (1995)     Obadiah & Kiera (West)

Stefan of Pembroke (Knight)     Jul 1, AS XXX (1995)     Obadiah & Kiera (West)

Gawain Velimere (aka Gawayne Valamir, Gwaine Valimer, Jwayn Valimer) (Knight)     Aug 19, AS XXX (1995)     Obadiah & Kiera (West)

Chad Bitor (Knight)     Oct 8, AS XXX (1995)     Veniamin & Endellion Aeron (West)

Gregory of Loch Swan (aka Jock Cameron of Loch Swan) (Knight)     Dec 3, AS XXX (1995)     Veniamin & Endellion Aeron (West)

Hugh the Little (aka Little Hugh) (Knight)     Dec 9, AS XXX (1995)     Veniamin & Endellion Aeron (West)

Daniel Drake (Knight)     Jul 13, AS XXXI (1996)     Alden & Madeline (West)

Kolbyr Sorrensen (aka Colbyr Thorinnsen) (Knight)     Aug 24, AS XXXI (1996)     Alden & Madeline (West)
Stephen of Greenwood (Knight)     Aug 24, AS XXXI (1996)     Alden & Madeline (West)

Vladimir Ivanovich Kurgan (aka Vladimir Ivanovich Kurgan the Untrained,Yaguna Vladimiravich Kurgan the Untrained,Kurgan) (Knight)     Jan 4, AS XXXI (1997)     Jade & Juana Isabella (West)

Mikolaj de Bracy (Knight)     Feb 15, AS XXXI (1997)     Atenveldt

Konrad the Bohemian (aka Conrad the Bohemian) (Knight)     May 3, AS XXXII (1997)     Cybi & Victoria (West)

Alisha McLeod (Knight)     May 25, AS XXXII (1997)     Ansteorra

Braun aus Krefeld (aka Braun aus Kresfield) (Knight)     Jun 21, AS XXXII (1997)     John & Gabriel (West)

Christopher of York (aka Christian of York) (Knight)     Aug 15, AS XXXII (1997)     East

Alaric of Bangor (aka Alaric Chairbreaker) (Knight)     Aug 23, AS XXXII (1997)     John & Gabriel (West)

Thjothrekr Eiriksson (aka Thjodric Eiriksson ) (Knight)     Aug 30, AS XXXII (1997)     Calontir

Brennan Halfhand (Knight)     Nov 1, AS XXXII (1997)     Uther & Tanwen (West)

Helgi Ulfssen (aka Helgi le Bastarde) (Knight)     Jan 3, AS XXXII (1998)     Uther & Tanwen (West)
Patric de Grey (Knight)     Jan 3, AS XXXII (1998)     East

Wilhelm Zweikopfig Falke (aka Wilhelm von Zweikopfiegen Falke) (Knight)     May 2, AS XXXIII (1998)     Fabian & Brynn (West)

Richard de Camville (Knight)     Jun 20, AS XXXIII (1998)     Hauoc & Etaine (West)

Brion of Bellatrix (Knight [Ritter])     Aug 29, AS XXXIII (1998)     Jade & Siobhan (West)
Parlan MacGillivray (aka Parlan MacGilliurey) (Knight)     Aug 29, AS XXXIII (1998)     Hauoc & Etaine (West)

Frederick Thurstone (Knight)     Nov 1, AS XXXIII (1998)     Jade & Siobhan (West)

Shawn Robert of Kilkenny (Knight)     Jan 24, AS XXXIII (1999)     Atenveldt

Patrick Logan (aka Patrick Logan of Starfyre) (Knight)     Feb 6, AS XXXIII (1999)     Garick & Talitha (West)

Ater of Sarum (aka Alex Sarum, Atar of Sarum) (Knight)     Apr 8, AS XXXIII (1999)     Garick & Talitha (West)

Conor Weisszahn (aka Connor Whitefang) (Knight)     Apr 10, AS XXXIII (1999)     Garick & Talitha (West)

Uther Schiemann der Hunt (aka Uther Thorenson der Hount, Uther der Hund, Clavell von der Lowe) (Knight)     May 1, AS XXXIV (1999)     Garick & Talitha (West)
William of the Two Hawks (aka William Two Hawks) (Knight)     May 1, AS XXXIV (1999)     Uther & Osa (West)

Brand McClellan (aka Brand MacClellan) (Knight)     Jun 19, AS XXXIV (1999)     Uther & Osa (West)
Hans von Wolfholz (aka Hanza Von Holtzwolf, Hanze of Caer Darth) (Knight)     Jun 19, AS XXXIV (1999)     Uther & Osa (West)

Thorkill Stormchaser (aka Tjorkin ...) (Knight)     Aug 28, AS XXXIV (1999)     Uther & Osa (West)

Alfonso d'Strada (aka Elnar Shadowfox, Ali al Basaya) (Knight)     Jan 15, AS XXXIV (2000)     Fabian & Brynn (West)

Alaric Sartiano (Knight)     Feb 19, AS XXXIV (2000)     Caid

Boris of Mordenvale (aka Boris Altdorfer) (Knight)     Apr 26, AS XXXIV (2000)     Fabian & Brynn (West)

Zaid al-Fallah al-Hajji (aka Merced Maggiesbane of Hove, Zaid al-Fallah Haji, Zaid al-fallah hajji) (Knight)     Jul 15, AS XXXV (2000)     Jade & Siobhan (West)

Randal Mallard de la Guerre (aka Randall Malag de Guerre, Gunther Axmann) (Knight)     Dec 9, AS XXXV (2000)     Uther & Osa (West)

Cathyn Fitzgerald (aka Cathyn Bluesword) (Knight)     Dec 17, AS XXXV (2000)     Outlands

Gaston de Clermont (Knight)     Jul 14, AS XXXVI (2001)     Fabian & Susan (West)

Colin MacLear (Knight)     Jul 21, AS XXXVI (2001)     Fabian & Susan (West)

Dregel Alewulf (aka Dregel Alewolf) (Knight)     Aug 25, AS XXXVI (2001)     Fabian & Susan (West)

Gui von Oberhausen (aka Gui de Bragelonne) (Knight)     Jan 11, AS XXXVI (2002)     Uther & Portia (West)

Gawyne d'Ibelin (aka Gawaine Tristram of Blackmoore) (Knight)     Mar 29, AS XXXVI (2002)     Uther & Portia (West)

Ædward Stadefæste (aka James of Mordenvale) (Knight)     Apr 1, AS XXXVI (2002)     Uther & Portia (West)
Juan Sanchez de Mendoza y Loyola (aka Loyola Juan Sanchez Mendoza) (Knight)     Apr 1, AS XXXVI (2002)     Uther & Portia (West)

Guillaume d'Oze (aka Aelwyn Cadarn of Cradoc, Osric Godwineson) (Knight)     Jul 6, AS XXXVII (2002)     Jade & Megan (West)
Yves le Chat Blanc (Knight)     Jul 6, AS XXXVII (2002)     Jade & Megan (West)

Magnus Zwerver (aka Magnus Arctos, Magnus von Drasman, Magnus Vanderman) (Knight)     Aug 25, AS XXXVII (2002)     Thorfinn & Cyneswith (West)

Titus Scipio Germanicus (aka Hamish MacIntyre, Merlin James McIntyre, Titus Merlinicus Scipio Germanicus, James Merlin McIntyre) (Knight)     Oct 13, AS XXXVII (2002)     Thorfinn & Cyneswith (West)

János Mihály (Knight)     Jan 4, AS XXXVII (2003)     Thorfinn & Cyneswith (West)

Gemini de Grendel (aka Gemini de Grendelus) (Knight)     Mar 23, AS XXXVII (2003)     Conor & Isa (West)

Conall Eoin MacTavish (aka Conall of the Heavy Heart) (Knight)     May 3, AS XXXVIII (2003)     Alden & Constantina (West)

Aaron of Buckminster (aka Aaron Palomedes of Buckminster, Lloyd of Tentor, Llwyd Tentor) (Knight)     Aug 13, AS XXXVIII (2003)     Alden & Constantina (West)

Eiríkr Snorrason (aka Erik Firediver, Erik Snorrison) (Knight)     Aug 23, AS XXXVIII (2003)     Alden & Constantina (West)
Urban Cheeseshank (Knight)     Aug 23, AS XXXVIII (2003)     Ragnar & Sciath (West)

Dmitriy Shelomin (aka Dmitry Shelomianin, Dimitry Shelomianin) (Knight)     Oct 4, AS XXXVIII (2003)     Ragnar & Sciath (West)

Bjorn Jorsalfar of Bearhaven (aka Bjorn Lundgren of Bearhaven) (Knight)     Jan 3, AS XXXVIII (2004)     Ragnar & Sciath (West)

Geoffrey Scott (Knight)     Aug 28, AS XXXIX (2004)     Uther & Kaaren (West)

Robert of Roelent (aka Robart of Roalent, Robert de Roelent, Mutsura Ishido, Mutsura Ishikago no Ishido) (Knight)     Oct 30, AS XXXIX (2004)     East

Daniel of Aquitaine (aka Daniel du Aquitaine) (Knight)     Apr 30, AS XXXIX (2005)     Alden & Constantina (West)

Angelo Paolo Cavilli (Knight)     Aug 27, AS XL (2005)     Calontir
Leohtulf of the Silver Hills (aka Fenris Lightwielder) (Knight)     Aug 27, AS XL (2005)     Jade & Eliana (West)

Gunther Bärenjäger (aka Gunther Bearslayer of Shadowthorpe) (Knight)     Jan 7, AS XL (2006)     Jade & Eliana (West)

Bryne McClellan (aka Brynn McClellin) (Knight)     May 6, AS XLI (2006)     Fabian & Eliška (West)

Cyrus Aurelius (aka Cyrus of Eskalya) (Knight)     Jul 16, AS XLI (2006)     Radnor & Ysabeau (West)
Dietrich Jorgen von Marksburg (aka Dietrich Jürgen von Marksburg, Dietrich von Marksburg, Loric Yorgen von Marksburg) (Knight)     Jul 16, AS XLI (2006)     Radnor & Ysabeau (West)

Talorc Balgair (aka Taloric Balgair of St. Brendans, Toloric Balgaard) (Knight)     Aug 15, AS XLI (2006)     Radnor & Ysabeau (West)

Brian FitzWilliam of Glastonbury (aka Brion of Glastonbury) (Knight)     Aug 26, AS XLI (2006)     Radnor & Ysabeau (West)

Alvar Pacheco de Cadiz (Knight)     Jan 6, AS XLI (2007)     Rolf & Aurora (West)

Eric Van Roosebeke (aka Eric von Roosebech, Eric Rousbec, Eric of Yewhall) (Knight)     Mar 25, AS XLI (2007)     Uther & Kára (West)

Roric Skaghen (aka Hrœrekr í Skaginum, Roric Skogan, Rorik Helmbiter, Ruarik Helmbiter, Ruarik Skogan) (Knight)     May 5, AS XLII (2007)     Jade & Kaaren (West)

Eyvindr Gunnarsson (aka Eyvandr Gunnarsson) (Knight)     Jun 23, AS XLII (2007)     Jade & Kaaren (West)

Ian Edwardson (Knight)     Jul 28, AS XLII (2007)     Caid

Marc de Arundel (aka Mark of Fettburg) (Knight)     Jun 22, AS XLIII (2008)     Titus & Eilis (West)

Stephen MacAlpine (Knight)     Sep 13, AS XLIII (2008)     Uther & Kára (West)

Sighfridh hauknefr (aka Sigifrith Hauknef, Mauricio Perez, Sigifrith, Mori Nagahide) (Knight)     May 2, AS XLIV (2009)     Jade & Catherine (West)

Jost der Luk (aka Jost Brandolf von Lück) (Knight)     May 3, AS XLIV (2009)     Atenveldt

Mari Alexander (Knight)     Oct 31, AS XLIV (2009)     Titus & Eilis (West)

Heinrich von Melk (Knight)     Jan 9, AS XLIV (2010)     Titus & Eilis (West)

Kenric Maur (aka Kennric Maure, Kendrick of Oertha, Kendrick Nickloison, Kendrick of Moonshaven, Kenndrick) (Knight)     Apr 17, AS XLIV (2010)     Uther & Kára (West)
Søren j Alborgh (aka Sorynn Higiliac, Sorynn Hijiliac, Soren Hijlize, Soren von Schlagen) (Knight)     Apr 17, AS XLIV (2010)     Uther & Kára (West)
Verica of Lighthaven (aka Verica de Lighthaven, Viressé de Lighthaven, Viressa de Lighthaven, Viressa d'Lighthaven) (Knight)     Apr 17, AS XLIV (2010)     Uther & Kára (West)

Daniel de Blare (aka Daniel de Blair) (Knight)     Oct 30, AS XLV (2010)     Titus & Arianwen (West)

Loy Schiemann der Kleine (aka Laeg O'Loingsigh, Laeg Schiemann the Small) (Knight)     Jan 8, AS XLV (2011)     Jade & Catherine (West)

Eirik Hardradi (aka Eric Hardradi) (Knight)     Jan 15, AS XLV (2011)     Jade & Catherine (West)

Avery Westfall (aka Avery of the Blackfist, Avery the Unyielding) (Knight)     Jan 29, AS XLV (2011)     An Tir
Culan mac Cianain (Knight)     Jan 29, AS XLV (2011)     East

Lakhan Bornin syn (aka Loclan Bjornson, Lochlainn Bjarnarson, Lochlann Bjornson) (Knight)     Mar 19, AS XLV (2011)     Jade & Catherine (West)

Miles FitzRolf (aka Miles FitzRauf) (Knight)     Apr 30, AS XLV (2011)     Jade & Catherine (West)

Roger Stockton (Knight)     Aug 11, AS XLVI (2011)     East

Laurence de Xaintrailles (aka Lawrence of the Marsh) (Knight)     Dec 17, AS XLVI (2011)     Rolf & Aurora (West)

Thorfinn Sigurdson (aka Thorfinn Sigurdsson, Thorfinn of Wudholdt de Secq) (Knight)     Jan 7, AS XLVI (2012)     Rolf & Aurora (West)

Conall MacDesmond ui Niall (aka Conall ui-Raghailaigh) (Knight)     Mar 24, AS XLVI (2012)     Uther & Kára (West)
Leif Utherson (aka Leif Castingsson) (Knight)     Mar 24, AS XLVI (2012)     Uther & Kára (West)
Rurik Varyag Velmudov (aka Varyag Hildisivin, Varyag [of Selveirgard]) (Knight)     Mar 24, AS XLVI (2012)     Uther & Kára (West)

Gawain Ivarsson (aka Gwain Ivorsson) (Knight)     Mar 31, AS XLVI (2012)     Outlands

Artus Quintus (aka Uilleam Catach O'Maoilbhreanainn, Liam Catach O'Maoilbhreanainn) (Knight)     May 5, AS XLVII (2012)     Hauoc & Mina (West)
Bjarnheðinn Hamarsson (aka Bjarnhedinn Hamarrson) (Knight)     May 5, AS XLVII (2012)     Uther & Kára (West)

Ajax Thermopylokles (Knight)     Aug 6, AS XLVII (2012)     Hauoc & Mina (West)

Alfarr Utherson (aka Alfar Uthersson, Alan Utherson) (Knight)     Jan 5, AS XLVII (2013)     Roger & Zanobia (West)

Achmere ibn Tamim (Knight)     Mar 23, AS XLVII (2013)     Obadiah & Ascelin (West)

Kolskeggr skialdarbriótr fra Einkunnir (aka Kolskegg Shieldbreaker, Forgal Mac Thorkil) (Knight)     Apr 20, AS XLVII (2013)     Obadiah & Ascelin (West)

Adalberon Blackwood (aka Alderon Blackwood) (Knight)     May 4, AS XLVIII (2013)     Obadiah & Ascelin (West)

Fearghus mac Airt (aka Fearghus McArt) (Knight)     Jun 22, AS XLVIII (2013)     Thorfinn & Étaín (West)

Heinrich von Swartzenberg (Knight [Ritter])     May 3, AS XLIX (2014)     Thorfinn & Violante (West)
Meuric Penvelyn (aka Meuric Penfelyn) (Knight)     May 3, AS XLIX (2014)     Thorfinn & Violante (West)

Claus de Saarbrucke (aka Klaus von Saarbrucke) (Knight)     Jun 21, AS XLIX (2014)     Conor & Isa (West)

Brennos of the Mists (aka Brennos Agrocunos, Brannos Agrocunos, Seamus Gunn, Brennus Agrocunos) (Knight)     Jul 4, AS XLIX (2014)     Conor & Isa (West)

Achilles of Sparta (Knight)     Oct 11, AS XLIX (2014)     Mikolaj & Arianwen (West)

Gregor Hawke (aka Gregor Hawk, Gregor of Oertha, Gregor of Schlagen) (Knight)     Jan 18, AS XLIX (2015)     Miles & Æsa (West)

Kean de Lacy (Knight)     May 2, AS L (2015)     Miles & Æsa (West)
Walerich von Bredereke (aka Walerich von Brederek) (Knight)     May 2, AS L (2015)     Miles & Æsa (West)

Éibhear mac Cuilinn (Knight)     Sep 12, AS L (2015)     Miles & Ariela (West)

Wilhelm Kith Atzinger (aka Kith von Atzinger, Kith the Silent) (Knight)     Jun 21, AS LI (2016)     Middle

Hosokawa Takeshi (aka Reikoku Takeshi, Takeshi Reikoku) (Knight)     Aug 27, AS LI (2016)     Hans & Ivone (West)

Duncan ap Llywellyn (aka Duncan Llywellyn) (Knight)     Dec 17, AS LI (2016)     Alfarr & Eilis (West)

Tomas Egilsson (aka Tuomas Egilsson, Duomas Egilsson) (Knight)     Jan 7, AS LI (2017)     Alfarr & Eilis (West)

Neil Greenstone (Knight)     May 6, AS LII (2017)     Roger & Zanobia (West)

David Bucket (aka James Bucket, Bucket of Mac Tir, Bucket of the Lear's Lady) (Knight)     Jul 8, AS LII (2017)     Miles & Ariela (West)

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