Awards and Honors

My Award Is Not Listed, What Do I Do?

The question to ask is "How long ago was your award granted?"

There are several reasons this is an important question, and here are the solutions:
  1. The award was given in the last week or two and has not yet appeared in the Award List.

    Wait a little longer. Yes, it is a cool thing to see your new award listed on the awards list, there's no doubt about that, and it's understandable that you might be anxious that it's not there yet.

    You have to remember, however, that the SCA officers are volunteers, and they do their "jobs" in their spare time, when they're not working, and having other life. So, have a bit of patience.

  2. The award was given in the last nine months, the herald may not have sent the award list in yet, the award list got lost, or some other problem may have occurred.

    If it's been more than three months and the award has not made it into the award list, you may want to consider the following:

  3. The award was given more than nine months ago, and it hasn't been published in the Award List: by Kingdom Law it's not an official award.

    Contact the current Royalty (if the award was given by the Prince and Princess, Baron and Baroness, contact the current Prince and Princess of the same Principality, the Baron and Baroness of the Barony, if the King and Queen, contact the current King and Queen), and explain the situation. Ask them to reaffirm the award in court (that means it should be sent to the Golem Herald). This is the proper procedure, by the laws of the West Kingdom, and should be followed. For more information about Reaffirmations see: Award Reaffirmation.
    For the Reaffirmation report form: Award Reaffirmation Request.