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This is actually a guild of lacemakers. Membership is given to those who have shown excellence in the art of lacemaking. There are many ranks within the "Order", corresponding to levels of competence. The members of the Order present lace napkins to the Crown at each Coronation, and the lacemaker to the Queen is usually selected from amongst the members. At one time this was treated as an award (The ORDER of ...), but it has since become a guild. No new members of the guild are being added to the Awards Database, as the structure has changed -- effectively this is a closed order. Historical View of Award Tokens
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Date This List Was Generated: January 19, AS LII (2018)

Karina of the Far West     * Unknown *     * Unknown * (West)

Beryl of the Valley of the Moon     Apr 23, AS XI (1977)     Kevin & Patrice (West)

Yolanda del Campo de Cerdana     Apr 24, AS XI (1977)     Terrence & Jennet (West)

Gormflait Suiban ni Cuallachta     Sep 24, AS XII (1977)     Paul & Carol (West)

Deporodh of Rannoch     Jan 7, AS XII (1978)     Paul & Carol (West)

Louise of Woodsholme     Mar 18, AS XII (1978)     Terrence & Allissandra (West)

Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez (aka Grün der Spitzenklöppler)     Jun 1, AS XIII (1978)     Gregory & Bevin (West)

Tamsin of the Raven Tresses     Apr 28, AS XIII (1979)     Steven & Alyanora (West)

Aliste von Falkenhof     Oct 7, AS XIV (1979)     Radnor & Shannon-Morgan (West)
Ella du Vergne     Oct 7, AS XIV (1979)     Radnor & Shannon-Morgan (West)

Michaela de Neuville     May 4, AS XV (1980)     Strider & Kathryn (West)

Alan of Ockham     Jun 22, AS XV (1980)     James & Verena (West)
Linda-Muirreal von Katzenbrasse     Jun 22, AS XV (1980)     Strider & Kathryn (West)

Elaine of Rainbow's End (aka Elaine Cospatrick)     Oct 5, AS XV (1980)     Radnor & Esmirelda (West)
Rhwth Rhys of Eldatir (aka Rhwth nicRanald of Eldatir, Ruth of Eldatir)     Oct 5, AS XV (1980)     Radnor & Esmirelda (West)
Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn (aka Keridwen ferch Morgan Glasfryn, Keridwen o'r Mynydd Gwrdd)     Oct 5, AS XV (1980)     Radnor & Esmirelda (West)

Farida bent 'Amr al-Hadi-ati     Dec 6, AS XV (1980)     Radnor & Esmirelda (West)

Mary the Embroideress     May 2, AS XVI (1981)     * Unknown * (West)

Mariposa de los Montoyas     Jun 22, AS XVI (1981)     William & Andrea (West)

Anne of Ockham     Jan 1, AS XVI (1982)     * Unknown * (West)

Sine ni Mharbhen (aka Sine ni Marbhen)     May 1, AS XVII (1982)     * Unknown * (West)

Anna von Schonburg     Jun 20, AS XVII (1982)     James & Verena (West)
Branwyn Guilford (aka Brandewynne Guilford)     Jun 20, AS XVII (1982)     James & Verena (West)

Annora de Montfort of Shadowood     Aug 1, AS XVII (1982)     * Unknown * (West)

Christia Barrett (aka Cordwainer Christia Barret)     Oct 3, AS XVII (1982)     Paul & Rowena (West)

Eowyn nic Wie of Kincora (aka Eowyn of Kincora)     Jan 8, AS XVII (1983)     * Unknown * (West)
Kate O'Donelly     Jan 8, AS XVII (1983)     * Unknown * (West)

Jania of Call Duck Manor     Mar 20, AS XVII (1983)     Thomas & Trista (West)

Eric de Tours     May 1, AS XVIII (1983)     * Unknown * (West)

Käthe Willig von Mainz (aka Kathe von Munchausen-Trimara)     Jun 19, AS XVIII (1983)     Radnor & Esmirelda (West)

Janet Redcloak of Herbkeep     Oct 1, AS XVIII (1983)     Rolf & Lachlin (West)
Julienne de Vigne (aka Julienne d'Vigne, Joleyn d'Vigne, Jolyan DeVigne)     Oct 1, AS XVIII (1983)     Rolf & Lachlin (West)

Dorthea Eulenfreund     Dec 1, AS XVIII (1983)     Rolf & Lachlin (West)

D'Elyns of the Scots (aka Delenyce of the Scots)     Jun 24, AS XIX (1984)     Ronald & Dierdriana (West)
Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne (aka Eilis O'Boirne)     Jun 24, AS XIX (1984)     Ronald & Dierdriana (West)

Guillena of Curbarcroft     Aug 26, AS XIX (1984)     * Unknown * (West)

Lonna Animalia de los Pinos (aka Lonna Animalia des Pines)     Jan 1, AS XIX (1985)     * Unknown * (West)

Cynthia FitzColline von Schlüssel (aka Cynthia Fitz Colline)     May 1, AS XX (1985)     * Unknown * (West)

Sara of Foxhaven     Aug 1, AS XX (1985)     * Unknown * (West)
Tamara of Drakeswood     Aug 1, AS XX (1985)     * Unknown * (West)

Tzipporah bat Deborah (aka Eleanor de Mont Saint Michel)     Nov 1, AS XX (1985)     Michael & Iseult (West)

Judith of Stormholde (aka Yuta of Stormhold, Yuthia of Stormhold)     Feb 1, AS XX (1986)     James & Verena (West)
Lucia die Näherin (aka Lucina of Goronsward)     Feb 1, AS XX (1986)     James & Verena (West)

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