Awards and Honors

Barony of Aneala

Members of the Order of the Demi-sun

Outstanding service to the Barony of Aneala.

Date This List Was Generated: January 15, AS LII (2018)

Cait Martinus     * Unknown *     Nathan & Cathereine (Aneala)
Claire Marie Alderton     * Unknown *     Nathan & Cathereine (Aneala)
Crisiant Dreigben (aka Chrisiant Dreigben)     * Unknown *     Hector & Crisiant (Aneala)
Nathan Blacktower (aka Nathan of the Black Tower)     * Unknown *     Hector & Crisiant (Aneala)

Catherine de Arc (aka Catherine d'Arc)     Apr 19, AS XXXI (1997)     Hector & Crisiant (Aneala)

Maitiu Ryadh (aka Maitin Ryadh, Maitiú Ruadh)     Jan 20, AS XXXV (2001)     Nathan & Cathereine (Aneala)

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