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Last updated: June 25, AS L (2015)
"My Awards Go Jingle, Jangle, Jingle ..." (Master Gerhardt von Nordflammen)

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-- A --
ALPHAA01.HTM'A'isha bint Khalil al Herati to Abdur Rahman Curom Memo Hazara Khan-ad-Din
ALPHAA02.HTMAbe Akirakeiko to Adam Girard
ALPHAA03.HTMAdam Jason Sauvitch to Adellind de Quintain
ALPHAA04.HTMAderyn de Reynaud-Daumeray to Adrienne of Elsinore
ALPHAA05.HTMAdrienne of Innilgard to Aelhaeran Allphin
ALPHAA06.HTMAelia Apollonia to Aethelred the Jute
ALPHAA07.HTMAethelstan of Battle Rock to Aideen of Mac Tir
ALPHAA08.HTMAiden di Polcenigo to Aioffe n' Medb
ALPHAA09.HTMAirdin Mac Dara to Akasha of Danegeld Tor
ALPHAA10.HTMAkbar Khayam to Alaric of Brackenwood
ALPHAA11.HTMAlaric of Hraefncrag to Alden of Wolverton
ALPHAA12.HTMAlderyn Pierpont to Alene Athdara
ALPHAA13.HTMAleric Apotheker to Alexander of Fettburg
ALPHAA14.HTMAlexander of Sparta to Alexius of Kernow
ALPHAA15.HTMAlexous of Uri to Alia McNigel
ALPHAA16.HTMAlia Rae of Crystal Glen to Alisha McLeod
ALPHAA17.HTMAlison Gray of Owlwood to Allen McGregor
ALPHAA18.HTMAllen van Ore to Alric of Bearhaven
ALPHAA19.HTMAlric of Castleburg to Alys de Rossier
ALPHAA20.HTMAlys Dunrobbin to Amalric de Montfort
ALPHAA21.HTMAmanda [of Cynagua] to Amberglen, House
ALPHAA22.HTMAmberle of Eldar to Amorette the Knowing
ALPHAA23.HTMAmos al-Musa to Anastasia Aleksandrovna Andreeva
ALPHAA24.HTMAnastasia Dmitryevna to Andre du Mort Noir
ALPHAA25.HTMAndré Lessarde to Andris Cygan
ALPHAA26.HTMAndronicas Meridius to Angelina Tiana Bezova
ALPHAA27.HTMAngelique DeWarren to Angus MacFarland
ALPHAA28.HTMAngus MacFarlane to Ann Christopher of Cheshire
ALPHAA29.HTMAnn de Phlanges Sanctos to Anna von Brugges
ALPHAA30.HTMAnna von Darniburc to Anne o'Locksley
ALPHAA31.HTMAnne of Alanwyck to Anne the Red
ALPHAA32.HTMAnne Waller of Davington to Antoinette Saint Clair
ALPHAA33.HTMAnton Barsuk to Aodhán Ó Ceallaigh
ALPHAA34.HTMAodhnait inghean mhic Chárthaigh to Aradon of Falconrose Keep
ALPHAA35.HTMArai Izumi to Ariana of Blackmoor
ALPHAA36.HTMAriana of Fawnhaven to Ariela bar Leila
ALPHAA37.HTMAriella de Mar to Arnaud des Montagnes Rouge
ALPHAA38.HTMArno of Wolfscraig to Arthur of Lockehaven
ALPHAA39.HTMArtos Barefoot to Asha ap Myrddin
ALPHAA40.HTMAsha Willow to Astrith of Swansvale
ALPHAA41.HTMAtalandus von Oschger to Aurboda [of Lochac]
ALPHAA42.HTMAurelia d'Aquitaine to Avery of Kempsford
ALPHAA43.HTMAvery the Seeker to Azmodeous Victor
-- B --
ALPHAB01.HTMBaccus Kaloethes to Bang Bang
ALPHAB02.HTMBarak Hravensfuri to Bear MacLear
ALPHAB03.HTMBearhaven to Benedetta de Spenser
ALPHAB04.HTMBenedicite Draconia Traepishka to Beremut der Herzenschwartzen
ALPHAB05.HTMBerengaria de Chinon to Bethany Gaitskeil
ALPHAB06.HTMBethany of Ashwood to Bianca Rose Byrne
ALPHAB07.HTMBidaan to Bjorn Sveinssen
ALPHAB08.HTMBjorn Thorfinnson to Boggvir of Wolfscairn
ALPHAB09.HTMBohdan Nepran to Braden Hell
ALPHAB10.HTMBraf o Enfys to Brandon MacLannom
ALPHAB11.HTMBrandon Stancil to Bree of Golden Rivers
ALPHAB12.HTMBrendan ap Llewelyn to Brían dorcha ua Conaill
ALPHAB13.HTMBrian Dritar an Con to Briana the Harper
ALPHAB14.HTMBrianna ferch Rhys to Brighid of Lindisfarne
ALPHAB15.HTMBrigid de Blasket to Brochfar the Wanderer
ALPHAB16.HTMBrodhir MacDathi to Bruno de Brest
ALPHAB17.HTMBruno von der Eiche to Byron, son of Gregor
-- C --
ALPHAC01.HTMCadell Glyn ap Gwilym to Cainnear Rúad
ALPHAC02.HTMCainnech MacGregare to Caitlin O'Byrne
ALPHAC03.HTMCaitlin of Golden Rivers to Camilla von Cuxhaven
ALPHAC04.HTMCamille de Chartres to Carl of Sutherland
ALPHAC05.HTMCarl of the Crossbow to Carolyn the Wanderer
ALPHAC06.HTMCarrek McCarrek to Cassandra Sumava
ALPHAC07.HTMCassandra the Gypsy to Catarina Sansovino
ALPHAC08.HTMCatchia of St. Ignatius to Catherine de Arc
ALPHAC09.HTMCatherine de Lacey to Catigern Goch
ALPHAC10.HTMCatraoine ni Risteaird to Cecilia of Lindley
ALPHAC11.HTMCecilia of Warrior's Gate to Celine bint al Zaid
ALPHAC12.HTMCéline Dubé to Chad Bitor
ALPHAC13.HTMChad Tearloch to Charles Ravenstone
ALPHAC14.HTMCharles Smokeater to Childeric des Vosges
ALPHAC15.HTMChimene des Cinq Tours to Christiana de Carcassonne
ALPHAC16.HTMChristiana de la Hay to Christoph van den Brake
ALPHAC17.HTMChristophe d'Avignon to Christopher Tomadashi
ALPHAC18.HTMChristy Buchanan to Ciena Gallus
ALPHAC19.HTMCiera the Mad to Clare Fitzwilliam
ALPHAC20.HTMClarice De Menoncourt to Cole the Miner
ALPHAC21.HTMColecte D'espicier to Colm Castille
ALPHAC22.HTMColyne Jak Leslie to Connor Broadfoot
ALPHAC23.HTMConnor Elphinstone to Constance d'Orleans
ALPHAC24.HTMConstance Gracia to Cordelia of Diamond Cove
ALPHAC25.HTMCordelia of the Greenbriar to Corwin de Montfort
ALPHAC26.HTMCorwin of Lincoline to Cristin ferch Ieuan Cuffin
ALPHAC27.HTMCristina Angelini to Curtis of Vinhold
ALPHAC28.HTMCurtis of Westlake to Cynthia [of Cynagua]
ALPHAC29.HTMCynthia [of the Far West] to Cyrus Aurelius
-- D --
ALPHAD01.HTMD'Elyns of the Scots to Dafydd MacNab
ALPHAD02.HTMDafydd of Shöental to Dalriadise Gairloch
ALPHAD03.HTMDamaris de Sheldon to Daniel Drake
ALPHAD04.HTMDaniel Hidefox to Dante Stefani
ALPHAD05.HTMDaoud Barbarossa ed Din to Dashiva Luciana D'Avignon
ALPHAD06.HTMDauid ap Morgant Dinefwr to David of Galloway
ALPHAD07.HTMDavid of House MacDonald to Davyd Robertson
ALPHAD08.HTMDawid of Lucki to Deidre Hawksworth
ALPHAD09.HTMDeirdre de Gildelyn to Deorc, House
ALPHAD10.HTMDeorwulf Rathbrand to Diamana Hernendez
ALPHAD11.HTMDiana av Fjell Tusenfryden to Didrikke of Mont d'Or
ALPHAD12.HTMDiedre O'Byrne to Dimitrii Sveestunov
ALPHAD13.HTMDimitrius Nicole to Dominick des Lyons
ALPHAD14.HTMDominico Oswin to Donweena Beasthealer
ALPHAD15.HTMDora van der Zee to Douglas Fitzwilliam
ALPHAD16.HTMDouglas Greythistle of Lanark on Clyde to Dragos Cazacul
ALPHAD17.HTMDravyn Rose Maddox to Duibheasa na Inishmore
ALPHAD18.HTMDuibheasa of Mona to Duncan Reinsford
ALPHAD19.HTMDuncan Richardson to Dziat Gahl
-- E --
ALPHAE01.HTMEadlyne Blackmaene the Lacrimose to Edan Sturrock of Apen
ALPHAE02.HTMEden McGroyne to Edward Hrolfsson
ALPHAE03.HTMEdward l'Idiot to Edwin Stonegrinder
ALPHAE04.HTMEdwina Galen to Eilonwy de Lyur
ALPHAE05.HTMEilonwy Morgause Grey to Ela de Areci
ALPHAE06.HTMElaine Cospatrick to Eleanor d'Aubrecicourt
ALPHAE07.HTMEleanor d'Avignon to Eleanora of Ashland
ALPHAE08.HTMEleazar Valentine von Mindelheim to Elgin of House Eagle
ALPHAE09.HTMEliana [of the Far West] to Elisabetta von Ragensberg
ALPHAE10.HTMÉlise von Sophey to Elizabeth MacFarlane
ALPHAE11.HTMElizabeth Margarete to Ella Suzanne du Lilli
ALPHAE12.HTMEllaina Fraser to Elric de Cassell
ALPHAE13.HTMElric of Avalon Keep to Elspeth of Oakwood Court
ALPHAE14.HTMElspeth of Seal Cove to Emerentiana Rose
ALPHAE15.HTMEmiko Sasaki to Engurrand le Cordonnier
ALPHAE16.HTMEnnethwen verch Gwilym to Erasmus Augustine von Baden
ALPHAE17.HTMErasmus von Spielburg to Eric of Fettburg
ALPHAE18.HTMEric of Huntington to Erich Johann Meyer
ALPHAE19.HTMErich Rotbart von Mittenwald to Erlyn Cordilya
ALPHAE20.HTMErmine Company, The to Esteban de Villahermosa y Guzmán de Talavera de la Reina
ALPHAE21.HTMEstebana d'Orleans to Euriol of Lothian
ALPHAE22.HTMEva of Warrior's Gate to Ezzo von Schwarzwald
-- F --
ALPHAF01.HTMFabian Arnett von Schwetzingen to Fathir von Trier
ALPHAF02.HTMFatimah al-Zahra’ bint Rashid Umm Sitt al-Sirr to Felis of Warwick
ALPHAF03.HTMFelix Arnett von Danzig to Fiammetta di Antonio di Donato Adimari
ALPHAF04.HTMFianna of Dismal Fogs to Fiona nic Fairchair
ALPHAF05.HTMFiona nic Ferrall O'Cahan to Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani
ALPHAF06.HTMFlavius Artorius Gladius to Francis Bull of Kent
ALPHAF07.HTMFrancis de Orsi to Frederick Sebastian Valentine
ALPHAF08.HTMFrederick Thurstone to Frodi Harlauf
ALPHAF09.HTMFromund Blythdene to Fyodor the Friendly
-- G --
ALPHAG01.HTMGabriel de Beaumont to Gabrielle Tara Dwenwyn
ALPHAG02.HTMGabrielle von der Lowe to Gârek der Wächter
ALPHAG03.HTMGaret von Dirghsire to Garrett of Vanished Wood
ALPHAG04.HTMGarrett Roryson to Gavin McRoberts
ALPHAG05.HTMGavin O'Rourke to Genevieve des Champs
ALPHAG06.HTMGenevieve du Bois to Geoffrey Mathias
ALPHAG07.HTMGeoffrey of Broken Blade to George Melos
ALPHAG08.HTMGeorge of Berwick to Gersvinda Gaeslingr
ALPHAG09.HTMGharric [of the Far West] to Gilleanndrais of Loch Carron
ALPHAG10.HTMGillette of York to Gisela de Kalais
ALPHAG11.HTMGisela Fiona of Warwickshire to Godric of Castlemont
ALPHAG12.HTMGodrich von Appenzell to Grainne ni Flaghraty
ALPHAG13.HTMGráinne of Crosston to Gregori L'Scruff
ALPHAG14.HTMGregorio Antonio Cobianchi di Piacenza to Griffin Garret
ALPHAG15.HTMGriffin Pollard le Bere to Gryffen de Corwyn
ALPHAG16.HTMGryffon du Lac to Gundolphus Havocus
ALPHAG17.HTMGundolphus Vestator to Guy Cheveux de Guise
ALPHAG18.HTMGuy de Montferrat de la Meslaye to Gwendolyn o'Dyffryn
ALPHAG19.HTMGwendolyn of Amberwood to Gwenllian [of the Far West]
ALPHAG20.HTMGwenllian de L'Isle to Gwynaeth ferch Llewellyn von Westfalen
ALPHAG21.HTMGwynaeth the White to Gyrfalcon Blackwolfe
-- H --
ALPHAH01.HTMHaakon Adulwolfeson to Hal the Archer
ALPHAH02.HTMHaley an Eich Gil to Hannah Caitlin Carey
ALPHAH03.HTMHannah of Winter's Gate to Harry of Eccles
ALPHAH04.HTMHarvey the Blind to Heather of Southern Shores
ALPHAH05.HTMHeather of St. Brendan's to Helena of Isca
ALPHAH06.HTMHelena of Terra to Hester Mac Inrerny
ALPHAH07.HTMHeth McKay to Holly of Charlesboro
ALPHAH08.HTMHorde, The to Hrothgar Breaksword
ALPHAH09.HTMHrothgar Uthersson to Hypatia de Halcion
-- I --
ALPHAI01.HTMIa of Crystalmist to Ian of Rodman
ALPHAI02.HTMIan the Bold to Ileana del Mar
ALPHAI03.HTMIlene O'Keenian to Ingelri Kelvin
ALPHAI04.HTMIngerith Ryzka to Irone of the Blue Star
ALPHAI05.HTMIsa von Speyer to Isabella Contarini
ALPHAI06.HTMIsabella d'Angiers to Iseault du Coeur de l'Opale
ALPHAI07.HTMIseult nic Elam to Isolte le Quite
ALPHAI08.HTMIsrael ibn Jacob to Ivan Petrovich
ALPHAI09.HTMIvan Stilanovich to Ivor MacDubhgall
-- J --
ALPHAJ01.HTMJabir a'Byad to Jacques de Vulcan
ALPHAJ02.HTMJacques du Bar sur le Loup to James Kristoff
ALPHAJ03.HTMJames Martel to James the Nameless
ALPHAJ04.HTMJames the Page to Jane Butler
ALPHAJ05.HTMJane Corwin to Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux
ALPHAJ06.HTMJared Galien to Jayne of Cloondara
ALPHAJ07.HTMJazz to Jeanette of Briarrose
ALPHAJ08.HTMJeanne de Leon to Jenifer of Squalid Manor
ALPHAJ09.HTMJenna Breemore to Jessica [of Cynagua]
ALPHAJ10.HTMJessica Firestar to Joan of Feversham
ALPHAJ11.HTMJoan of Schrerrewood to Joel the Brewer
ALPHAJ12.HTMJofrid of Saxby to Johannes von der Pfalz
ALPHAJ13.HTMJohannes Von Gruefenburg to John of Ravenwolf
ALPHAJ14.HTMJohn of Skye to Johne Honey of the Forest
ALPHAJ15.HTMJohu of the Mills to Jordan Prahl
ALPHAJ16.HTMJordan Raynewood to Josi of Fendrake Marsh
ALPHAJ17.HTMJosquin du Bois Vert to Judith de Northumbria
ALPHAJ18.HTMJudith Fiona Mac Kiernan to Juliana of Emerald Waters
ALPHAJ19.HTMJuliana of Tregony to Jyoti of the Kali Ma
-- K --
ALPHAK01.HTMK'Alan Tauwen to Kala Ljómi Trygvadottir
ALPHAK02.HTMKaleela of Evenstarkeep to Karel of the Three Isles
ALPHAK03.HTMKaren Canfield to Karl von der Ostwache
ALPHAK04.HTMKarl von Krause to Kate MacLeod of Skye
ALPHAK05.HTMKate McPhee to Kateryn Lanark
ALPHAK06.HTMKatharine of Argyle to Katherine McGray
ALPHAK07.HTMKatherine McKay to Kathleen Allen
ALPHAK08.HTMKathleen Cuileann to Kathryne Elizabeth Gordon
ALPHAK09.HTMKathryne Gordon to Katrina the Prude
ALPHAK10.HTMKatrina Yarbrough to Keara an Akbar
ALPHAK11.HTMKeegan to Kendrick Griffenfeld of House Gryphon's Lair
ALPHAK12.HTMKendrick of Leroux to Kerith McDuff
ALPHAK13.HTMKern Roricsson to Khalidah Bint Sa'id Al-'Attar
ALPHAK14.HTMKhalil al-Jili to Kinbarra Kynraes
ALPHAK15.HTMKindrick von Zandt to Knut of Betony Wood
ALPHAK16.HTMKoell of the Broken Tower to Krista al Kamil
ALPHAK17.HTMKrista of Wolfscairn to Kyla of Caladh
ALPHAK18.HTMKyle Burns to Kyrstyan of Danegeld Tor
-- L --
ALPHAL01.HTMLa Rana to Lancelot Pavonine
ALPHAL02.HTMLao Tao-sheng to Laura MacCarathy of Sheep Rock
ALPHAL03.HTMLaura Rydal of Grasmere to Léa de Villaverde
ALPHAL04.HTMLea of Ferme to Leif Utherson
ALPHAL05.HTMLeigh [of Cynagua] to Leohtulf of the Silver Hills
ALPHAL06.HTMLeon de Asturias to Letitia [of the Far West]
ALPHAL07.HTMLeucardis de Vindobona to Liesel Blaisel
ALPHAL08.HTMLiesel von Blauen Donau to Linnet Hatfield
ALPHAL09.HTMLinnet Kestrel to Liz the Red
ALPHAL10.HTMLizbeth of Teufelberg to Lochlyn Tidlyry
ALPHAL11.HTMLodema the Potter to Loren of Lindisfarne
ALPHAL12.HTMLoren Ravenseeker to Louise de la Chatte Bleue
ALPHAL13.HTMLouise of Woodsholme to Lucrezia de Milano
ALPHAL14.HTMLucrezia la Pann to Luriel of the Azure Seas
ALPHAL15.HTMLuthain Ar-Nimroch to Lysander of Sparta
ALPHAL16.HTMLyse Marousch D'Rhys to Lyssandre Echlin MacKenzie
-- M --
ALPHAM01.HTMMac Aodha to Madoc Hawthorne Sinclair
ALPHAM02.HTMMadog Maelgwn ap Llewelyn to Magdalen al Bani Na im
ALPHAM03.HTMMagdalen y Csejthe to Magnus Ulfsson
ALPHAM04.HTMMagnus Zwerver to Malachi von Riga
ALPHAM05.HTMMalachias von Morgenstern to Marared coed Radnor
ALPHAM06.HTMMarc de Arundel to Marcus Waffenschmied
ALPHAM07.HTMMarda of Vale de Draco to Margaret Pye
ALPHAM08.HTMMargaret Seaborn to Marguerite of Dutton Hollow
ALPHAM09.HTMMarguerite the Uncoordinated to Marie de Besançon
ALPHAM10.HTMMarie de Lyon to Marishka of Schoental
ALPHAM11.HTMMarisillia Caravello to Marroc Maddoxson
ALPHAM12.HTMMarshall of Eaglesbane to Mary [of the Mists]
ALPHAM13.HTMMary Ann of the Mists to Marya of Zagamar, the Mad
ALPHAM14.HTMMaryam bint Husam al Din to Matilda [of ??]
ALPHAM15.HTMMatilda Aldwyne Maude to Maurya Etain Sableswan
ALPHAM16.HTMMax Karish to Medb inghean Rónáin
ALPHAM17.HTMMedb ni Lacg to Megen Winterford
ALPHAM18.HTMMeggan Mong Ruad to Melisande de Castile
ALPHAM19.HTMMelisande de Frayne to Mercedes de la Camarge
ALPHAM20.HTMMercedes de la Roche to Merric of Stormgate
ALPHAM21.HTMMerrick [of the Far West] to Michael Hugh Stuart
ALPHAM22.HTMMichael Ivanovich to Michael of the Hawk
ALPHAM23.HTMMichael of the Mountain's Mist to Michael, Younger of An Alltan
ALPHAM24.HTMMichaela de Neuville to Micna
ALPHAM25.HTMMidori Fujiwara to Miles Warde
ALPHAM26.HTMMilisandia Bychan to Miriam de Mont Noir
ALPHAM27.HTMMiriam Galbrael Eolngarde to Moira Ramsay
ALPHAM28.HTMMoiradagh of Greylakes to Morag nic Fignon
ALPHAM29.HTMMorag Ruadh to Morgan mac Máeláin
ALPHAM30.HTMMorgan MacPherson to Morgana yr Oerfa
ALPHAM31.HTMMorgann Mac Eóin to Morvran the Mellow
ALPHAM32.HTMMorwen ferch Owain ap Evan to Muriel von Schrecken
ALPHAM33.HTMMurin nic Kinoleta to Mysh Nadler
-- N --
ALPHAN01.HTMNa'arah bat Avraham to Nate the Brewer
ALPHAN02.HTMNathan Blacktower to Nemue [of Darkwood]
ALPHAN03.HTMNemue of the Lyrs Lady to Nicholas Maddoxson
ALPHAN04.HTMNicholas of Aquitaine to Nigel Mac Neal
ALPHAN05.HTMNightmare of the Lyrs Lady to Norman of Fairholme
ALPHAN06.HTMNovella de Lorenze to Nyteshaed of Golden Rivers
-- O --
ALPHAO01.HTMObadiah the Obstreperous to Olaf of Havok
ALPHAO02.HTMOlaf Oleson Bjorn to Ona of Dunsmuir
ALPHAO03.HTMOnarr Isungar to Osbert of Tewkesbury
ALPHAO04.HTMOsðryd of Wolfscairn to Owen Revelstorm
ALPHAO05.HTMOwen Uthersson to Ox of Clynnah Drakonis
-- P --
ALPHAP01.HTMPachomius Oneshoe of Sauvage to Patricia of Quail Haven
ALPHAP02.HTMPatricia of Roscommon to Pedair MacPharlain na Cluaine Bige
ALPHAP03.HTMPeder Georg Jensen to Peza Mirina
ALPHAP04.HTMPhaedosia of St. Brendan to Phillipe of the House of Cruzan
ALPHAP05.HTMPhillipe Rhynsford to Playne Clover of Foxfield
ALPHAP06.HTMPol Potigier to Pypa Ravenil
-- Q --
ALPHAQ01.HTMQamar un Nisa al-Anatolia to Quirin Taliesin
-- R --
ALPHAR01.HTMRab Zephaniah ben Ezra to Raghnailt Suird Coluimcille
ALPHAR02.HTMRagnal Mac Cormack to Rainault Siobhan O'Mealeachlainn
ALPHAR03.HTMRainfreda der Einsamen Hügel to Raonaild Ruadh
ALPHAR04.HTMRaoul de Chenonceaux to Raven Company, The
ALPHAR05.HTMRaven ni Roane to Rayna Dorian
ALPHAR06.HTMRayna Fathirsdottir to Rebecca the Endowed
ALPHAR07.HTMRebecca Zaiddottir to Reinold Haldane
ALPHAR08.HTMRelent Neufang to Rhiannon [of St. Gildas]
ALPHAR09.HTMRhiannon Allphin to Rhiannon of the Lost Star
ALPHAR10.HTMRhiannon of the Mistic Isles to Rhonwen verch Cadawaldr ap Maelgwyn
ALPHAR11.HTMRhwth Rhys of Eldatir to Richard Ironsteed
ALPHAR12.HTMRichard Loll to Richard of Thistleshire
ALPHAR13.HTMRichard of Vesper Vesperis to Ricquardus of Rivenoak
ALPHAR14.HTMRígnach of Argyll to Robert Blackwood
ALPHAR15.HTMRobert Blakhelm to Robert of Blackmoor
ALPHAR16.HTMRobert of Coldcastle to Robert Robare the Rhos
ALPHAR17.HTMRobert Roundpounder to Robin of Robins
ALPHAR18.HTMRobin of Silverwood to Rodrigo de los Lobos
ALPHAR19.HTMRodrigo del Rio to Roland Löfhjälm
ALPHAR20.HTMRoland of Earngyld to Rory Jamesson
ALPHAR21.HTMRory Lightfoot to Rose of Danegeld Tor
ALPHAR22.HTMRose of Edgewood Castle to Rowan ny Tiernan
ALPHAR23.HTMRowan of Danegeld Tor to Roxanne of Hammersfall
ALPHAR24.HTMRoxellana of the Mists to Rurik of Rivenoak
ALPHAR25.HTMRurik Varyag Velmudov to Ryssza Polander
-- S --
ALPHAS01.HTMS'etna Mac Muirheartagh to Sadika min Asha Saffaron
ALPHAS02.HTMSaerlaith bean ua hEógain to Salome de las Palomas
ALPHAS03.HTMSalvatore Di Trabia to Sapphira the Navigator
ALPHAS04.HTMSara [of Cynagua] to Sarah the Belly Dancer
ALPHAS05.HTMSarkanyi Gero to Schwetzingen, House
ALPHAS06.HTMSciath inghean Airt to Seamus Seanachaoi
ALPHAS07.HTMSean a' Claidheamh to Sean Tracy of Newbury
ALPHAS08.HTMSeanan the Beleaguered to Segan Ap Kain
ALPHAS09.HTMSegnat Donnchadh to Seobhan Irvin of Drum
ALPHAS10.HTMSeonhaid McKay to Sextus Valerius Cruscillus
ALPHAS11.HTMShad'ha Samira Ma'isha to Shauna O'Leary
ALPHAS12.HTMShawn Blackstone to Sho Hoe the Western Wanderer
ALPHAS13.HTMShoe Hoe to Sighni Ivarsdotter
ALPHAS14.HTMSigifrith Hauknef to Silvanus Damazin
ALPHAS15.HTMSilvie de Rohan to Siobhan inghean Roibin
ALPHAS16.HTMSiobhan Medhbh O'Roarke to Slaine the Silent
ALPHAS17.HTMSlammer Stonegrinder to Sonja Alestealer Ingvarsdotter
ALPHAS18.HTMSonja of Pavlok Gorod to Søren j Alborgh
ALPHAS19.HTMSorren of Misham to Stenvardh the Quiet
ALPHAS20.HTMStenyn of Leicester to Stephen Lacey
ALPHAS21.HTMStephen MacAlpine to Steven of Norham
ALPHAS22.HTMSteven Rosenwolf to Sula von Pferdenthal
ALPHAS23.HTMSulaimon Orlando Cordobes to Susannah of Ely
ALPHAS24.HTMSusannah of Locksley to Sven Vandillsson
ALPHAS25.HTMSwanhild Torbergsdottir to Szöke Ersébet
-- T --
ALPHAT01.HTMTachibana Kage to Talietha of Bran-Innis
ALPHAT02.HTMTalima the Merciful to Tancorix filia Brid
ALPHAT03.HTMTancred Enrico di Castrogiovanni to Taraen MacRae
ALPHAT04.HTMTaramis ni Dhuibhir to Tatjana Kuznetsova
ALPHAT05.HTMTaura McArthur Blackwell to Temack of the Tuchux
ALPHAT06.HTMTempest of Mach Tier to Thade Morgonson
ALPHAT07.HTMThaleia Lakedaimonia to Thiannon [of the Far West]
ALPHAT08.HTMThiebault [of the Far West] to Thomas MacCruitín
ALPHAT09.HTMThomas McEwan to Thora [??]
ALPHAT10.HTMThora Kualven to Thorin the Hungry
ALPHAT11.HTMThorir Kraki to Tiernion of Shadowmist
ALPHAT12.HTMTierzah nic Caithlin to Tira [of Stormhold]
ALPHAT13.HTMTireachan MacPherson to Tomas Fehar Madar
ALPHAT14.HTMTomas Fitzsimon of Oxford to Tory Gibbs
ALPHAT15.HTMTosti of Torlyon to Trinite Ducalon
ALPHAT16.HTMTrisha of Battle Rock to Trude Lacklandia
ALPHAT17.HTMTruedana of the Bells to Tyne of Lostwithiel
ALPHAT18.HTMTyra Stewart of Moray to Tzipporah bat Deborah
-- U --
ALPHAU01.HTMUberto Renaldi to Ulrich Agihard
ALPHAU02.HTMUlrich of Cynagua to Ursula Hreffuawuddu
ALPHAU03.HTMUrsula Katze to Uurm-Haelon
-- V --
ALPHAV01.HTMVadim Sajir to Valkyrie Drömmefjell
ALPHAV02.HTMVallaulfr Rurikson to Vergil William de Comyn
ALPHAV03.HTMVerica of Lighthaven to Vida o'Dells Dotter
ALPHAV04.HTMVigdis Hakonsdottir to Violet Ruthvene
ALPHAV05.HTMVirginia Brightangel to Vlasta [of Earngyld]
ALPHAV06.HTMVlasta von der Weissen Sonne to Vytas Žemaičiù
-- W --
ALPHAW01.HTMWad Tyler to Warren of House Ponsleyr
ALPHAW02.HTMWarren of Teufelberg to Wiclif of Hollingraes
ALPHAW03.HTMWiglaf Wilfriding to Will of Ice Anvil Forge
ALPHAW04.HTMWill of the Willow to William de la Montaigne Coupé
ALPHAW05.HTMWilliam de Ness to William Lovain
ALPHAW06.HTMWilliam MacDougall to William of Thetford
ALPHAW07.HTMWilliam of Three Falcons to William White
ALPHAW08.HTMWillow Ghille Mhuire to Wolfric Hammerfestning
ALPHAW09.HTMWolfshall MacWombat to Wulfric Thjostolfsson
ALPHAW10.HTMWulfric von Angschaft to Wystan of Wallsende
-- X --
ALPHAX01.HTMXander of Vinhold to Ximon Martillo de Cordoba
-- Y --
ALPHAY01.HTMY Blackhand to Yngvildr Þorgilsdottir
ALPHAY02.HTMYñigo Diaz de Santiago to Ysabeau of Guildemar
ALPHAY03.HTMYsabel del Norte to Yves Gevenio
ALPHAY04.HTMYves le Chat Blanc to Yvonne Yvette de Plumetot
-- Z --
ALPHAZ01.HTMZachariah De Bigod to Zinaida Or"shinaia
ALPHAZ02.HTMZiyadah ibnata Zahara to Zvonimir Je Izgubljen

Note that many folk are listed with only the Principality (or Marches) as the place they live, and even more are listed with no Principality or local Branch -- this information is very helpful for local Seneschals and Barons and Baronesses who wish to put together award recommendations. Please help us out by filling this information in. For more explanation of this listing, see the main Award List Page (Explanation section).

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