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Last updated: August 16, AS XLIX (2014)
"My Awards Go Jingle, Jangle, Jingle ..." (Master Gerhardt von Nordflammen)

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-- A --
ALPHAA01.HTM'A'isha bint Khalil al Herati to Abe Akirakeiko
ALPHAA02.HTMAbigail Delilah of St. John to Adam Jason Sauvitch
ALPHAA03.HTMAdam of Eskalya to Aderyn de Reynaud-Daumeray
ALPHAA04.HTMAderyn Pierpont to Adrienne of Innilgard
ALPHAA05.HTMAdrienne of Toledo to Aelia Apollonia
ALPHAA06.HTMAelin of Aquitane to Aethelwic of St. Edward's Ford
ALPHAA07.HTMAetheria the Unremembered to Aiden Edwardson
ALPHAA08.HTMAiden Gilchrist to Aireon of Kaerlidams-går
ALPHAA09.HTMAirienne of Grand Sea to Akira [of Lochac]
ALPHAA10.HTMAl-Khariji abd al-Khabir Yusuf ibn Khalid to Alarice Beatrix von Thal
ALPHAA11.HTMAlarice of Inverness to Aldric Haldane of Griswold
ALPHAA12.HTMAldric of Stonebridge to Alessandra Lo Piccolo
ALPHAA13.HTMAlessandro Cantori to Alexandra Andrevna Grozkaya
ALPHAA14.HTMAlexandra de Bassette to Alfarr Utherson
ALPHAA15.HTMAlfonso d'Strada to Alice of Briarbrook
ALPHAA16.HTMAlicia of Rivenoak to Alisoun Varena
ALPHAA17.HTMAlissia Elvenstar to Allison of Eskalya
ALPHAA18.HTMAllisone of Cynagua to Alusdar O'Labhardhu
ALPHAA19.HTMAluuin Artair to Alysaundra ferch Llewelyn
ALPHAA20.HTMAlysaundre de Bergerac to Amanda of Southern Shores
ALPHAA21.HTMAmanda Price to Ambyrhawk Shadowsinger
ALPHAA22.HTMAmbyth de Fontaine to Amytis de la Fontaine
ALPHAA23.HTMAn Cu Blegbh to Anastasia of Wolf's Hall
ALPHAA24.HTMAnastasia Terrapinova to Andreas of St Florian
ALPHAA25.HTMAndred Fairhair to Angela of Eskalya
ALPHAA26.HTMAngela of Silverwood to Angharad O'Haul
ALPHAA27.HTMAngharad of Chester to Angus Wemyss of Fife
ALPHAA28.HTMAngustias McKeown to Anna di Caterina Neri
ALPHAA29.HTMAnna Loria to Anne de Tournais
ALPHAA30.HTMAnne de Villanova to Anne of the Meadows
ALPHAA31.HTMAnne of the White Tower to Anthony Ravenscroft
ALPHAA32.HTMAnthony Shadowtrapper to Antonio de Gregorio
ALPHAA33.HTMAntonio Giordano da Sicilia to Arabella Blackwolfe
ALPHAA34.HTMArabella Kathryn Matthew to Ariadne de Glevo
ALPHAA35.HTMAriadne di Ferrara to Aricia Jehane Deveraux
ALPHAA36.HTMAricia of Cynagua to Armand de Sevigny
ALPHAA37.HTMArmanna Goldenwood to Arthur Lemner of Wesley
ALPHAA38.HTMArthur of Cruach Mhór to Ascelin O'Dubhghaill
ALPHAA39.HTMAscelin of Caid to Astriðr Kjartansdottir
ALPHAA40.HTMAstrin Straightarrow to Aurboda [of Lochac]
ALPHAA41.HTMAuree de Montfort to Averil Silverthorn
ALPHAA42.HTMAvery of Kempsford to Azmodeous Victor
-- B --
ALPHAB01.HTMBaccus Kaloethes to Bang Bang
ALPHAB02.HTMBarak Hravensfuri to Bearhaven
ALPHAB03.HTMBeatrice [of the Mists] to Benedict Finnian O'Bryan
ALPHAB04.HTMBenedict of York to Berengaria of Pamplona
ALPHAB05.HTMBerenger of Nancy to Bethia de la Birche
ALPHAB06.HTMBethoc the Unhomed to Bjarni Eðvarðarson í Jórvík
ALPHAB07.HTMBjo of Griffin to Black Taylor of Lochaber
ALPHAB08.HTMBlackheart to Boncueur
ALPHAB09.HTMBonefinder to Bran na torcdubh mac Brude
ALPHAB10.HTMBran o Enfys to Brann Morgan Dunmore of Galloway
ALPHAB11.HTMBrant [of the Far West] to Brendan Rhys of Harpenwolfe
ALPHAB12.HTMBrendan Shimmeringstar to Brian O'Neil
ALPHAB13.HTMBrian O'Seabhac to Bricca di Ghelere
ALPHAB14.HTMBrice Armbruster to Brigit de Montfort
ALPHAB15.HTMBrigit MacMyrddin to Bronwen Montgomery
ALPHAB16.HTMBronwen Selwyn to Bryon Greyfox
ALPHAB17.HTMBryony Beehyrd to Byron, son of Gregor
-- C --
ALPHAC01.HTMCadell Glyn ap Gwilym to Cainnear Rúad
ALPHAC02.HTMCainnech MacGregare to Caitlin O'Byrne
ALPHAC03.HTMCaitlin of Golden Rivers to Camilla von Cuxhaven
ALPHAC04.HTMCamille de Chartres to Carl of Sutherland
ALPHAC05.HTMCarl of the Crossbow to Carrick [of Lochac]
ALPHAC06.HTMCarrick MacBrian to Cassia della Rose
ALPHAC07.HTMCassia Gentileschi to Caterina Allesandra Taviani
ALPHAC08.HTMCaterina da Napoli to Catherine Kenda of Stillwater
ALPHAC09.HTMCatherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor to Catriona McLeod
ALPHAC10.HTMCatriona Morgan to Cedric MacRory
ALPHAC11.HTMCedric of Calay to Ceol of the Mists
ALPHAC12.HTMCeolgar of Amberglen to Chandra O'Dimond
ALPHAC13.HTMChandra Panthi to Charyse the Shy
ALPHAC14.HTMChauncey de Vere de Bassette to Chris Colter
ALPHAC15.HTMChristabel Mac Cauley to Christina Jehanne de Bruges
ALPHAC16.HTMChristina Landswalker of Penrose to Christopher of Deauville
ALPHAC17.HTMChristopher of Gwynedd to Cian Conor McQuaid
ALPHAC18.HTMCian Gillebhrath to Cirian Degeogaghan
ALPHAC19.HTMČirilo Zmajdrugada to Cliona O'Connaire MacCloud
ALPHAC20.HTMClione of Stormhold to Colin MacKay of Dornadilla Broch
ALPHAC21.HTMColin MacLear to Conan MacFaolain
ALPHAC22.HTMConán Mór Ó Cúáin to Connor Roryson
ALPHAC23.HTMConnors of Vakkerfjell to Constancius of Lincolnshire
ALPHAC24.HTMConstantina von Ravenna to Cormac MacKay
ALPHAC25.HTMCormac O'Duibhdabhoireann to Creena of St. Florians
ALPHAC26.HTMCreigmor dos Kynslaier to Crystal of the Westermark
ALPHAC27.HTMCrystal the Potter to Cyneburh of Cantwaraburg
ALPHAC28.HTMCynehild Cynesigesdohtor to Cyrie Evaine Deloraine
ALPHAC29.HTMCyrus Aurelius to Cyrus Aurelius
-- D --
ALPHAD01.HTMD'Elyns of the Scots to Dafydd MacNab
ALPHAD02.HTMDafydd of Shöental to Dalriadise Gairloch
ALPHAD03.HTMDameon Greybeard to Daniel Hidefox
ALPHAD04.HTMDaniel MacDomhnaill to Daphne Dubray of the House of Cruzan
ALPHAD05.HTMDaphne Theobald to Davera of Falconrose Keep
ALPHAD06.HTMDavid ben Avraham Brisk to David of Mecca
ALPHAD07.HTMDavid of Moffat to Dawn Tiger
ALPHAD08.HTMDäwyd Suomalainen von Markheim to Deirdre of Cuailgne
ALPHAD09.HTMDeirdre of Saint Brendan to Derek MacTaggart
ALPHAD10.HTMDerek of Bigwood to Diana of the Llyr's Lady
ALPHAD11.HTMDiana of the Silver Mists to Dierdre Firehaire
ALPHAD12.HTMDierdriana of the Misty Isles to Dirk Fleetwood
ALPHAD13.HTMDirk MacPherson to Donal the Bard
ALPHAD14.HTMDonald Luter to Dorothea van der Zee
ALPHAD15.HTMDorothy of Mossy Dell Fief to Douglas Scott
ALPHAD16.HTMDouglas Stormhaven to Drogo Rainulf de Dragonara
ALPHAD17.HTMDrogo the quiet to Duncan Hravensfuri
ALPHAD18.HTMDuncan Julyan to Dunstan the True
ALPHAD19.HTMDurin of Eldar to Dziat Gahl
-- E --
ALPHAE01.HTMEadlyne Blackmaene the Lacrimose to Eden McGroyne
ALPHAE02.HTMEden of Lionsguard to Edward le Kervere
ALPHAE03.HTMEdward Oakenheart to Edwinna of Hawk's Bluff
ALPHAE04.HTMEdwyn the Player to Eilwen Rhys of Huntingdon
ALPHAE05.HTMEinar aus Enwelt to Elaine de Charvigne
ALPHAE06.HTMElaine Fairchild of Bishopsgate to Eleanor de Clairvaux
ALPHAE07.HTMEleanor de Mont Saint Michel to Elena Edgar
ALPHAE08.HTMElena le Breustere to Elias the Extreme
ALPHAE09.HTMEliazar ben Dovid to Elisna of Blackensea
ALPHAE10.HTMElisna of Brittany to Elizabeth of Canale
ALPHAE11.HTMElizabeth of Dendermond to Ellen of Kilbride
ALPHAE12.HTMEllen of Selviergard to Elrik Skap-Vargr
ALPHAE13.HTMElrik Thurstan Gerewolf to Elspeth the Semstress of Dunkeld
ALPHAE14.HTMElspeth the White to Emily of Montaigne du Roi
ALPHAE15.HTMEmir Ni Conghaliegh to Eoghan Cuchaille
ALPHAE16.HTMEoghan O'Cathir to Eric Bjornsson
ALPHAE17.HTMEric Blackhand to Eric of Sun Mountain
ALPHAE18.HTMEric of the Bogs to Erick Valason
ALPHAE19.HTMErik Conner MacSwasey to Erwilian ap Brandiles
ALPHAE20.HTMEryk Sepala to Étain ingen Chellaig
ALPHAE21.HTMEtain la Gamine to Evan Prieskop
ALPHAE22.HTMEve de l'Isle Madelaine to Ezzo von Schwarzwald
-- F --
ALPHAF01.HTMFabian Arnett von Schwetzingen to Fathir von Trier
ALPHAF02.HTMFatimah al-Zahra’ bint Rashid Umm Sitt al-Sirr to Felix MacAvady
ALPHAF03.HTMFelix MacGowan of Darkmoor to Filicia du Larkin
ALPHAF04.HTMFilicia Serena to Fiona von Steinhaus
ALPHAF05.HTMFiona Wiggins to Floyd of Winter's Gate
ALPHAF06.HTMFlynx van Halen to Francis of Hexham
ALPHAF07.HTMFrancis von Ermandtrodt to Frederik Ludovicus van der Meer
ALPHAF08.HTMFredric of Castlerock to Fulk aus Barstadt
ALPHAF09.HTMFulk de Wyvern to Fyodor the Friendly
-- G --
ALPHAG01.HTMGabriel de Beaumont to Gabrielle Tara Dwenwyn
ALPHAG02.HTMGabrielle von der Lowe to Gârek der Wächter
ALPHAG03.HTMGaret von Dirghsire to Garrett Roryson
ALPHAG04.HTMGarrett Todd Hunter to Gavin Rae of the Vale
ALPHAG05.HTMGavin Redbeard to Genevieve Elizabeth of Roseberry Topping
ALPHAG06.HTMGenevieve Emrys to Geoffrey of Clan Fergus
ALPHAG07.HTMGeoffrey of Exeter to Georges Eisbear
ALPHAG08.HTMGerald [of Darkwood] to Ghislaine d'Auxerre
ALPHAG09.HTMGiacomo Avacarro di Firenze to Gillian FitzGilbert
ALPHAG10.HTMGillian Trenowyth to Gladamere the Black
ALPHAG11.HTMGladio di Atori to Golden Stag Players, The
ALPHAG12.HTMGoodwin Att Jawtich to Grania McNish of Eagle's Eyre
ALPHAG13.HTMGrania na Toice to Gregory de Montfort
ALPHAG14.HTMGregory Falconheart to Griffith Foxstar
ALPHAG15.HTMGrigorii Tataroskii to Guenevere of Saint Kilda
ALPHAG16.HTMGuernen Cimarguid to Gunnar Olfus
ALPHAG17.HTMGunnar Tortryggsson to Guy Lestrange
ALPHAG18.HTMGuy Massyngberde to Gwendolyn of the Misty Rainforest
ALPHAG19.HTMGwendolyn of the Thistle to Gwennyth of Eagle's Edge
ALPHAG20.HTMGwenythe of Mousehold Heath to Gwyneth of Hillhaven
ALPHAG21.HTMGwyneth of Oertha to Gytha Halfdan
-- H --
ALPHAH01.HTMHaakon Adulwolfeson to Hal the Archer
ALPHAH02.HTMHaley an Eich Gil to Hanns Helvig von Longstrum
ALPHAH03.HTMHanor Blackwolf to Haufoc Hammor
ALPHAH04.HTMHauoc Bender to Heidi Fisher
ALPHAH05.HTMHeidi von der Berg to Helgi Ulfssen
ALPHAH06.HTMHelias de Stigata to Hilary [of the Westermark]
ALPHAH07.HTMHilary Fairehaven to Houri the Savage
ALPHAH08.HTMHoward of Redstone to Hugh the Undecided
ALPHAH09.HTMHugo von Feuerklippe to Hypatia de Halcion
-- I --
ALPHAI01.HTMIa of Crystalmist to Ian of Rodman
ALPHAI02.HTMIan the Bold to Ileana del Mar
ALPHAI03.HTMIlene O'Keenian to Ingelri Kelvin
ALPHAI04.HTMIngerith Ryzka to Isa von Speyer
ALPHAI05.HTMIsaac of St. David's to Isabella Contarini
ALPHAI06.HTMIsabella de Bordeaux to Iseult nic Elam
ALPHAI07.HTMIseult Wishbringer to Israel ibn Jacob
ALPHAI08.HTMIssar Invarson to Ivan Stilanovich
ALPHAI09.HTMIvan the Alchemist to Ivor MacDubhgall
-- J --
ALPHAJ01.HTMJabir a'Byad to Jade of Starfall
ALPHAJ02.HTMJadian the Silent Bard to James of Blessed Herman
ALPHAJ03.HTMJames of Bramble to James the Weaver
ALPHAJ04.HTMJames Thorsakail to Janech Hvideharsen
ALPHAJ05.HTMJaneltis Karaine, Starfollower to Jarvis of Hakesleah
ALPHAJ06.HTMJasmine [of Caldarium] to Jean Étienne de Brive la Gaillarde
ALPHAJ07.HTMJean Grey to Jeff Darkheart
ALPHAJ08.HTMJeffery of Jarrow to Jennet of Twominds
ALPHAJ09.HTMJennifer of Naevehjem to Jessica of the Greenwood
ALPHAJ10.HTMJessica of the Old Forest to Joanna of the Singing Threads
ALPHAJ11.HTMJoanna Wallace to Johann von Drachenfels
ALPHAJ12.HTMJohann von Mageburg to John Claymore
ALPHAJ13.HTMJohn Comyn of Westley to John Patten
ALPHAJ14.HTMJohn Paul Blacklore to Jon the Stoic
ALPHAJ15.HTMJon Trimara to Joseph Blayde
ALPHAJ16.HTMJoseph Braun to Juan Mateo de la Vega
ALPHAJ17.HTMJuan Sanchez de Mendoza y Loyola to Juliana de Finistère
ALPHAJ18.HTMJuliana de Haverington to Justin Brennan Dickson
ALPHAJ19.HTMJustin of Southern Shores to Jyoti of the Kali Ma
-- K --
ALPHAK01.HTMK'Alan Tauwen to Kaleela of Evenstarkeep
ALPHAK02.HTMKalen Nienna of TygersGuard to Karen de Wyvern
ALPHAK03.HTMKaren Gahagan of Silver Desert to Karl von Montfort
ALPHAK04.HTMKarl von Süssen to Kate O'Donelly
ALPHAK05.HTMKate of the Silver Dragonfly, the Fair to Kathe von Linz
ALPHAK06.HTMKäthe Willig von Mainz to Katherine Nox
ALPHAK07.HTMKatherine of Birchfeld to Kathleen du Barre
ALPHAK08.HTMKathleen MacChluarain the Pure to Katira al-Maghrebiyya
ALPHAK09.HTMKatla in Mikla to Kattrin die Wissbegierige Reisende von Tübingen
ALPHAK10.HTMKatus Czygan to Keiri Rhianna ab Llynclys
ALPHAK11.HTMKeisha Tröllslander to Kenneth Covault
ALPHAK12.HTMKenneth Edwards to Kerrydd Shay
ALPHAK13.HTMKestrel Filltarna to Kidd of the Far West
ALPHAK14.HTMKido Dono to Kiriel du Papillion
ALPHAK15.HTMKirk FitzDavid to Konrad MacGriffin
ALPHAK16.HTMKonrad the Bohemian to Krysandra Morgan of the Heathers
ALPHAK17.HTMKrysta MacIntyre to Kyrii de la Pleutaine
ALPHAK18.HTMKyrii Windstrider to Kyrstyan of Danegeld Tor
-- L --
ALPHAL01.HTMLa Rana to Lancelot of Perry
ALPHAL02.HTMLao Tao-sheng to Laura Rydal of Grasmere
ALPHAL03.HTMLaura the Lost to Lea of Ferme
ALPHAL04.HTMLeah O'Connor to Leigh [of Cynagua]
ALPHAL05.HTMLeigh d'St. Anton to Leon de Asturias
ALPHAL06.HTMLeon of the Silver Desert to Levi of Battle Rock
ALPHAL07.HTMLewis the Landless to Liesl Helmschmiedin
ALPHAL08.HTMLifolf Vredsson to Linnet Wayfarer
ALPHAL09.HTMLione of Starfall to Lleucu Bengam
ALPHAL10.HTMLlew ap Macsen to Logan de Vere
ALPHAL11.HTMLogan Lamplighter to Lori of Rivenoak
ALPHAL12.HTMLori of Teufelberg to Loy Schiemann der Kleine
ALPHAL13.HTMLoyola Juan Sanchez Mendoza to Ludwig von Lemminghaus
ALPHAL14.HTMLudwig von Regensburg to Lycurgus de Loch
ALPHAL15.HTMLydia Brittanica to Lyssandre Echlin MacKenzie
-- M --
ALPHAM01.HTMMac Aodha to Madoc Hawthorne Sinclair
ALPHAM02.HTMMadog Maelgwn ap Llewelyn to Magdalen al Bani Na im
ALPHAM03.HTMMagdalen y Csejthe to Magon McLeod
ALPHAM04.HTMMahala de Sorbonne to Malachias von Morgenstern
ALPHAM05.HTMMalak Boga to Marc de Beaumanoir
ALPHAM06.HTMMarc de Montfault to Maredudd Goch ap Llywelyn ap Cadwallon Gwythernion
ALPHAM07.HTMMarek Maddox to Margaret Threadbare
ALPHAM08.HTMMargaret Woodbury to Mari Alexander
ALPHAM09.HTMMari inghean Chuáin to Marie Goodheart
ALPHAM10.HTMMarie MacDonald to Marit the Wanderer
ALPHAM11.HTMMaritza Szekely to Martha Simply Martha
ALPHAM12.HTMMartin de Bayeux to Mary Katherine Blakeney
ALPHAM13.HTMMary Matilda d'Eath to Marynel of Darkhaven
ALPHAM14.HTMMaryse of Shrewsbury to Matsumori Naosuki
ALPHAM15.HTMMatthew d'Hamel to Maya of the Kali-Ma
ALPHAM16.HTMMayraird O'Brae to Medwyn ap Kyle
ALPHAM17.HTMMeg Shelford to Meghan of Tara Hill
ALPHAM18.HTMMeghan the Worrior to Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland
ALPHAM19.HTMMelissa of Oertha to Meredith of Schramberg
ALPHAM20.HTMMeredynn [of Eskalya] to Meshe ibn Yishma 'El
ALPHAM21.HTMMeuric Penvelyn to Michael of Caer Myrddin
ALPHAM22.HTMMichael of Casteles Kepe to Michael Shade
ALPHAM23.HTMMichael Shieldbreaker to Michel d'Artois
ALPHAM24.HTMMichel d'Avignon to Mikaline of Dark Claw
ALPHAM25.HTMMike Pilgrim to Miranda MacTyre
ALPHAM26.HTMMiranda of Silvandel to Mohammed Abdulah Hussen al-Din
ALPHAM27.HTMMohammed Abdullah Hussen al-Din to Montgomery Ilaff Thorn
ALPHAM28.HTMMonti of Ice Anvil Forge to Morgan de Cutaigh
ALPHAM29.HTMMorgan Fitzarthur de Æthwald to Morgan the Wanderer
ALPHAM30.HTMMorgana [of An Tir] to Morrigan Fitz-Rolf
ALPHAM31.HTMMorrigan Scathach to Muirgein [of the Mists]
ALPHAM32.HTMMuirghein ni Ghrainne to Mynjon du Jardin
ALPHAM33.HTMMyrddin Blacquemoor to Mysh Nadler
-- N --
ALPHAN01.HTMNa'arah bat Avraham to Nathan der Blaser
ALPHAN02.HTMNathan der Sänger to Nerissa de Saye
ALPHAN03.HTMNerissa Meraud de la Fontaine to Nicholas Ragnarson
ALPHAN04.HTMNicholas the Unshod to Nikki Bergstadt
ALPHAN05.HTMNikola [of the Mists] to Novella de Lorenze
ALPHAN06.HTMNyia of Darkclaw to Nyteshaed of Golden Rivers
-- O --
ALPHAO01.HTMObadiah the Obstreperous to Olaf Oleson Bjorn
ALPHAO02.HTMOlaf the Crazed to Oonagh Bhán
ALPHAO03.HTMOonagh O'Neill of the Blue Myst to Osgot of Corfe
ALPHAO04.HTMOt Gubali to Oweoin of Mountain's Gate
-- P --
ALPHAP01.HTMPachomius Oneshoe of Sauvage to Patricia of Quail Haven
ALPHAP02.HTMPatricia of Roscommon to Pedair MacPharlain na Cluaine Bige
ALPHAP03.HTMPeder Georg Jensen to Phaedosia of St. Brendan
ALPHAP04.HTMPhaedria d'Aurillac to Phillipe Rhynsford
ALPHAP05.HTMPhillippa de Lusignan to Pop [of the Far West]
ALPHAP06.HTMPorfire Porfirevich Portnoy to Pypa Ravenil
-- Q --
ALPHAQ01.HTMQamar un Nisa al-Anatolia to Quirin Taliesin
-- R --
ALPHAR01.HTMRab Zephaniah ben Ezra to Ragnal Mac Cormack
ALPHAR02.HTMRagnald de Vigne to Rainault Siobhan O'Mealeachlainn
ALPHAR03.HTMRakael Petrovna to Raoul de Chenonceaux
ALPHAR04.HTMRaoul the Urbane to Raven Company, The
ALPHAR05.HTMRaven of Drachenheim to Rayna Fathirsdottir
ALPHAR06.HTMRayna O'Donnell to Rebekah of Madrone
ALPHAR07.HTMRed Charles of the Border to Remington of House Kniepenwirten
ALPHAR08.HTMRenard du Desert to Rhiannon Aslef
ALPHAR09.HTMRhiannon Caz de Winter to Rhiannon Silherose
ALPHAR10.HTMRhiannon verch Madyn to Rhylanor Doomgard of Montiguar
ALPHAR11.HTMRhyllian of Starfire Retreat to Richard Meldyn
ALPHAR12.HTMRichard Muldane to Richard of Winterbourne
ALPHAR13.HTMRichard of Wyvern's Mark to Ríoghán Longespee
ALPHAR14.HTMRioghan of Saarlands to Robert de Mar
ALPHAR15.HTMRobert de Perceval to Robert of Ferndale
ALPHAR16.HTMRobert of Ravenshill to Robert the Lutemaker
ALPHAR17.HTMRobert the Reluctant to Robin Taylor
ALPHAR18.HTMRobin the Ruthless in Battel to Roger Fitzlyon
ALPHAR19.HTMRoger of Belden Abbey to Rolf the Relentless
ALPHAR20.HTMRolynnda of the Azure Stone to Rosalie Ashleigh
ALPHAR21.HTMRosalinde von Braunschweig to Rosemary of Talmont
ALPHAR22.HTMRosemary of the Eastern Woods to Rowanna Nachteule
ALPHAR23.HTMRowdy the Faithful to Ruath Riordan
ALPHAR24.HTMRuatha Anne to Ruth of Blessed Herman
ALPHAR25.HTMRuth of Innilgard to Ryssza Polander
-- S --
ALPHAS01.HTMS'etna Mac Muirheartagh to Sadika min Asha Saffaron
ALPHAS02.HTMSaerlaith bean ua hEógain to Salina de la Serna
ALPHAS03.HTMSalome de las Palomas to Saor Breathach
ALPHAS04.HTMSapphira the Navigator to Sarah the Belly Dancer
ALPHAS05.HTMSarkanyi Gero to Schwetzingen, House
ALPHAS06.HTMSciath inghean Airt to Seamus Seanachaoi
ALPHAS07.HTMSean a' Claidheamh to Sean Tracy of Newbury
ALPHAS08.HTMSeanan the Beleaguered to Segan Ap Kain
ALPHAS09.HTMSegnat Donnchadh to Seobhan Irvin of Drum
ALPHAS10.HTMSeonhaid McKay to Shaheena al-Riyadhi
ALPHAS11.HTMShajar [of the Far West] to Shawn Blackstone
ALPHAS12.HTMShayna to Shussana of Loxley
ALPHAS13.HTMSian Llwydwyn to Sigmund Spelmann
ALPHAS14.HTMSigne Giline of Jarta to Simon de Spaldyng
ALPHAS15.HTMSimon MacCarrick of House Bedlam to Siobhan Wulfsdottir
ALPHAS16.HTMSiolaughe Siobhean na Lia Fail to Soejima Ryojiro
ALPHAS17.HTMSof'ia Stepanova doch' to Sophia von Leubeck
ALPHAS18.HTMSophia, Gavin's Daughter to Stanton [of Stormhold]
ALPHAS19.HTMStefan de Lorraine to Stephanie Davis
ALPHAS20.HTMStephanie mac Colin to Stephen Robier
ALPHAS21.HTMStephen the Silent to Stuart of Lindley
ALPHAS22.HTMStuart Vanderlubbe to Susan of Coldwell
ALPHAS23.HTMSusan of Graymoor to Sveinn Tryggvason
ALPHAS24.HTMSven Eriksen to Sylvan Graethorne
ALPHAS25.HTMSylvanus Andere to Szöke Ersébet
-- T --
ALPHAT01.HTMTachibana Kage to Talima the Merciful
ALPHAT02.HTMTalisen of CarMarthen to Tancred Fraser
ALPHAT03.HTMTancred the Unruly to Taran the Pict
ALPHAT04.HTMTaraneh birt Aminah al Basra to Teagan
ALPHAT05.HTMTeagan Meanbh to Teresa du Bruges
ALPHAT06.HTMTeresa le Marchant to Thang de Avacena Predy
ALPHAT07.HTMThea of Midvale to Thomas Archer
ALPHAT08.HTMThomas Bloodworth to Thomas of Foxhaven
ALPHAT09.HTMThomas of Linlithgow to Thorbrand the Red
ALPHAT10.HTMÞorfinn Hrolfsson to Thorollfir Knutson
ALPHAT11.HTMThorstein [of An Tir] to Tim Moore
ALPHAT12.HTMTim the Brewer to Titus of Wormwood
ALPHAT13.HTMTitus Scipio Germanicus to Toran Weisszahn
ALPHAT14.HTMToranaka Yojiro to Tralaine the Bastard
ALPHAT15.HTMTrava Zapadova to Tristan FitzAaron
ALPHAT16.HTMTristan Giles Richardson to Tullia Serafina da Ferrara
ALPHAT17.HTMTully Cerce to Tzipporah bat Deborah
-- U --
ALPHAU01.HTMUberto Renaldi to Ulrich Agihard
ALPHAU02.HTMUlrich of Cynagua to Ursula Hreffuawuddu
ALPHAU03.HTMUrsula Katze to Uurm-Haelon
-- V --
ALPHAV01.HTMVadim Sajir to Vallaulfr Rurikson
ALPHAV02.HTMVallerina of Earngyld to Verica of Lighthaven
ALPHAV03.HTMVeronica da Lugano to Vigdis Hakonsdottir
ALPHAV04.HTMVigdís vestfirzka to Virginia of Enso
ALPHAV05.HTMVitéz Tatiana to Volund [of Lochac]
ALPHAV06.HTMVonda aus Voekel to Vytas Žemaičiù
-- W --
ALPHAW01.HTMWad Tyler to Warren of House Ponsleyr
ALPHAW02.HTMWarren of Teufelberg to Wiclif of Hollingraes
ALPHAW03.HTMWiglaf Wilfriding to Will of the Willow
ALPHAW04.HTMWillamina [of Oertha] to William de Perham
ALPHAW05.HTMWilliam de Toeny to William MacGregor
ALPHAW06.HTMWilliam MacNaught to William of Welcnmer
ALPHAW07.HTMWilliam of Wisby to Willum the Turtle
ALPHAW08.HTMWilowen of Stuarts to Wulf of Dimond Hold
ALPHAW09.HTMWulf of Glaes to Wulfwine Bloodfang
ALPHAW10.HTMWulfwine Grimwald to Wystan of Wallsende
-- X --
ALPHAX01.HTMXandria of Selviergard to Ximon Martillo de Cordoba
-- Y --
ALPHAY01.HTMY Blackhand to Yngvildr Þorgilsdottir
ALPHAY02.HTMYñigo Diaz de Santiago to Ysabel del Norte
ALPHAY03.HTMYsabella de Montrose to Yves le Chat Blanc
ALPHAY04.HTMYvette Angel to Yvonne Yvette de Plumetot
-- Z --
ALPHAZ01.HTMZachariah De Bigod to Zinaida Or"shinaia
ALPHAZ02.HTMZiyadah ibnata Zahara to Zvonimir Je Izgubljen

Note that many folk are listed with only the Principality (or Marches) as the place they live, and even more are listed with no Principality or local Branch -- this information is very helpful for local Seneschals and Barons and Baronesses who wish to put together award recommendations. Please help us out by filling this information in. For more explanation of this listing, see the main Award List Page (Explanation section).

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