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Last Updated: January 19, AS LII (2018)

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Award Not Found? -- This page shows how to handle your award not being listed: My Award is Not Listed, please visit this link if you need to see the official procedure for updating the awards list.

New to the West Kingdom? -- if you have recently moved to the West Kingdom and have awards granted by the King/Queen/Prince/Princess from where you moved from, please drop the Golem Herald a note with as much information as you can give (see the Contact information ...).

Leaving the West Kingdom? -- If you will be moving to another Kingdom in the near future, please drop the Golem Herald a note so that he can forward your award information to the awards list administrator in the new Kingdom ... if you have a Significant Other, or other family that have awards from the West, please include pertinent information for them ... (see the Contact information ...)

Welcome to the West Kingdom's Award Lists

Use the menu below to find what you need. If you find errors, see the "Contact the 'Keeper of the OP'" section below.

Award ListsThe Award Lists (The complete breakdown with PDFs, etc.)
The Alphabetic (by name) ListingsThe main lists that most people use ...
Awards Given in the Last MonthAwards in the last 30 days (from the date these pages were last generated)
List of West Kingdom RoyaltyIncludes lists of awards given during the reign - click on the link here, then on the region, and you will be able to get lists for each reign from there.

Descriptions of AwardsFormer Principalities/Baronies of the West

Includes links to listings of the recipients or holders of said awards/recognitions/honors.

Laurel Detail ReportLooking for a Laurel with a specific area of study/interest? This new listing shows the primary and secondary areas of study that the Laurels of and in the West Kingdom have requested be listed for them ...
Award Recommendation FormRecommend someone for an award to the appropriate royalty using this form
Corrections/QueriesIf you feel a correction is needed for your entry ...
Award Reaffirmation RequestRequest the current royalty to reaffirm an award that hasn't been reported for 9 months
Missing Award Token RequestIf you received an award or honor and did not receive the token, this form will allow you to request it of the current Royalty and Regalia officer.
Special Thanks 
Explanation of Format 
Please Help! 
Other Bits of Helpful InformationIncludes how to get a printed copy, and other listings that you may find useful
Contact the 'keeper of the OP'Includes a link to a Query/Update form which can email the exact information needed to correctly update the award list to the GolemHerald
Online Awards Lists for Other Kingdoms 

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Special Thanks

I must thank several folk for helping get and/or keep this system under control.

(Note that I removed some of the details for the following names, but don't want to forget Waldt von Markheim, Linda of the Lakelands, Elspeth the Semstress of Dunkeld,Kay the Innocent, Gwendolyn the Rat Keeper, Stanislaw Jan Ossolinski, the late Aja du Jardin or Mastyer Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov who have been of much help over the years).

Thanks to Khevron and his crew of artists who upate and maintain the West Kingdom Roll of Arms -- the turnaround for requests and such have always been timely.

Many others who have sent me information so far, and whom I hope to hear from in the future ...

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The Award List

The Primary Online Version (Alphabetic Sort by name, then by Rank, etc.)
The online version is a (huge) set of standard HTML Web pages (note that this is controlled by a menu which lets you narrow down your search):

HTML Alphabetic Listing

The Order of Precedence

This is similar to the Award List above, but in sequence of 'rank' within the SCA based on a person's highest achievement(s). The OP is not something of importance because Grand Marches are seldom done these days (due to time constraints), but it is an interesting thing to look at. The OP only lists armigerous awards, as only those with Awards of Arms and higher usually march in a Grand March. If you want to see a complete listing of all awards for an individual use the alphabetic listing noted above. There is a PDF of the full Kingdom Precedence listing below.

If you are interested in performing a "Grand March", details for precedence used in such can be found at: Grand March/Precedence

Downloadable COMPLETE LISTING Files

There are two versions here, the "PKZIP/Text" version, and the "Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Version". (NOTE: Do not download these if all you want is to view your own entry -- that information is more easily obtained from the ONLINE version above ...)

PKZIP/Text Version

(These files are in a ZIPped file format, meaning you need special software to unzip them such as PKZIP, or WinZip or one of several others ...): Note that using the .txt files here from DOS you may find a variety of characters will appear funny. If using Windows (and maybe a Macintosh -- not sure), and WordPad, Notepad, or any standard editor you should be able to see those characters properly. These characters include all the standard accented characters, and some of the more interesting ones, such as: Æ, æ, þ and so on ...

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Version:

Note that you need to have an Acrobat Reader installed to use these ... Also note that file sizes as given are approximate.

To download, right click on the file and select appropriate option to "Save Link Target ..." or similar for your browser.

West Kingdom (Full List): Alpha List (Size: 4,775 KB)
Alpha List for PDAs (Size: 6,435 KB)
Order of Precedence (Size: 2,032 KB)
Principality of the Mists: Alpha List (Size: 1,639 KB)
Principality of Cynagua: Alpha List (Size: 1,254 KB)
Principality of Oertha: Alpha List (Size: 516 KB)

Principality Award List Explanation: It should be noted that Principality award lists display the data in a way that may be confusing at first. If an award recipient is a resident of the Principality, then all awards and honors granted to said recipient will be listed, including awards and honors from both Kingdom and Principality Royalty. If, however, the recipient is no longer resident in the Principality for whatever reason, then any awards and honors not given by the Royalty of said Principality will not be shown. For example, if Fred the Lame received three Principality awards from the Principality of the Mists, and four awards from the Crown of the West, and he lived in The Mists, then all seven awards would be listed. If Fred the Lame moved to the Principality of Cynagua, then the only awards that would be listed for Fred in the Principality of the Mists award list would be those granted by Mists Royalty. However, Fred would also be listed in the Principality of Cynagua awards list as he is now resident there and that list would contain all seven of his recognitions. Hopefully this explains the dichotomy of some people's listings, which periodically raises the same question(s) that have to be explained many times ...

New April, 2013: Awards given by Barons and Baronesses of the West Kingdom are now able to be listed. The various Baronies are working to dig up and put together the information, this will take some time. If your Baronial award is not listed, please have some patience. In addition, those who have moved TO the West Kingdom who have Baronial awards, if these are not listed, please drop the Golem Herald a note, letting him know where to find the information (what Kingdom you moved here from ...). Without that information he cannot update the database appropriately.

Mobile Device Users:

It may be possible for you to load either the PDF (of choice) from above, or the award list text file onto your Mobile Devices. For readability this system creates is a PDF in the list above named "WestAwardListForPDA.pdf" that is one column, with larger fonts you may wish to use (it is over 1,000 pages, with a larger file size than the two column version).

To download, right click on the file and select appropriate option to "Save Link Target ..." or similar for your browser.

Follow the instructions for your specific device to download the file appropriately.

iOS (iPhone, iPad) Device Users:

iOS devices use PDFs via the iBooks application, although there are also other PDF software packages. If you download the file you wish from the list above, you can then copy it to the books in iTunes ("File", "Add File to Library..."). Add the book to in iTunes to the device, and when you next synchronize your device, the PDF will be added.

One thing I have noted is that if you download updates, you should delete the previous version (click on "Books", select the item, delete it), then add the update to your book library.

I hope this is helpful ... -- Golem

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Explanations of the Award Information

The way the information appears (with explanations):

Name of Award Recipient (aka Alternate Names) [Baron/ess Baronyname] [OP: 1234]

(Gender: Male)   (Mundane Name on File? [Yes/No])
Region (Branch) Name Registered: [Yes/No] Arms Registered: [Yes/No]
                  (LoAR: date)               (LoAR: date)
Award Name Date given Royalty who gave it (Region)


Your Arms on this website -- please note that firstly most of the arms displayed here are from the West Kingdom Roll of Arms, and that the Golem Herald is not responsible for the artwork. If you have concerns with the display, the first place to check is there. However, if you are not from the West Kingdom, or you simply prefer a different style of art, or ... it is possible to get to the Golem Herald an image, and it will be used instead. At the bottom of this page, and pages that display the awards data is a link to a webpage that will allow you to contact the appropriate persons to specifiy corrections ...

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Please Help

The amount of data here is huge. The amount of human error is hopefully smaller, but, it is very probable that there will always be errors in this information. PLEASE help us out by sending (contact information below) updates and corrections to the keeper of the OP. See the format information given above.

If your award is not listed, you may want to visit this page: My Award Is Not Listed ...

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Need Information?

If you would like a printout of the Award List, or the Order of Precedence, a new listing is generated before each Coronation and a subset for the Principalities for Investitures, for the Award Lists. At this time I am not selling these, due to cost restraints.

If you are royalty, you should be getting a copy gratis. Note that if you are not royalty, or you are royalty but need a more up-to-date version, there are now PDF files available which is the easiest way to get a nicely formatted version of the list, and will only cost you the time it takes to download. See above ...

Other information you may be able to get by asking:

In an attempt to be flexible, there are a variety of ways the data can be extracted and made available (in addition to the Award List and Order of Precedence):

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of any of the above, please contact the Keeper of the OP (see below).

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Online Awards Lists for Other Kingdoms

(In order of creation as a Kingdom)

  1. The West Kingdom (You're here)
  2. The East Kingdom
  3. The Middle
  4. Atenveldt
  5. Meridies
  6. Caid
  7. Ansteorra
  8. Atlantia
  9. An Tir
  10. Calontir
  11. Trimaris
  12. Outlands
  13. Drachenwald
  14. Artemisia
  15. Ęthelmearc
  16. Ealdormere
  17. Lochac
  18. Northshield
  19. Gleann Abhann
  20. Avacal

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Contact Information

If you have queries, updates, corrections, or requests for copies of any of the listings mentioned above, please go to one of these pages (click link):
[ Corrections/Queries]     [ My Arms Are Not Correct]

Website Problems? Moving to/from Kingdom? EMail the Golem Herald: [Hirsch von Henford (Ken Mayer)]

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