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Award Recommendation to the Royalty of the West

This form may be used if you wish to recommend someone you know to the Crown of the West or Coronets of the Principalities or Baronies of the West for recognition. Please note that recommendations are generally "taken under advisement", and that there is no guarantee that any one recommendation will be acted upon by the Royalty. The email sent from this form will go only to the Royalty with a copy to you -- no one else will see it. Note that under "Recommend Whom" there are links to the Awards List page on this site, and the West Kingdom History Site's Who's Who so you can find information about the individual you are recommending ...

Person Making Recommendation

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Be sure to include details and reasons why you think this Gentle deserves an award. If you feel this Gentle is deserving of a
specific award please specify, and explain your reasoning. Provide as much detail as you can.

Events Person May Be At

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This will help the Royalty give the award (if They decide to) at an appropriate venue, and more specifically when the recipient
is actually in attendance.

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