Reaffirmation Of Awards, and Why It Is Necessary

Sometimes a Court Herald must report a Reaffirmation of an award or recognition granted by the Royalty. Why is that, and what is a Reaffirmation?

What Is a Reaffirmation?

West Kingdom Law requires that an award be listed in The Awards List/Order of Precedence within 9 months of the Court in which the award or honor was given.

What this means is that if an award or honor is not published in that timeframe, it is not official and the recipient effectively does not have a legal claim to that award or honor, even if they were given tokens, scrolls, etc., in court, and even if lots of people witnessed it happen.

What usually happens is that the Herald did not file the Court Report in a timely fashion, or the report got lost somehow, or in some cases due to human error, an individual award was not reported. There is another potential issue that is related to, but not quite the same as a reaffirmation of an award, discussed below ... (Please note, this is not an attempt to assign blame for anything, just to explain that the issue occurs due to human error ... if you've never been a Court Herald or Royalty, don't assume any intent here -- you have no idea how crazy things can get!)

How Do We Resolve This?

For an award that did not get reported in time to become official (remember -- 9 Months):

VERY IMPORTANTLY: if the award was not reported but the 9 month period has not passed, then the recognition can simply be done (by the appropriate royalty) in court, either as a new award (given that date, etc.), or it can be noted by the Royalty in court: "This award was given on 'x' date, ... we are ensuring it is official." Normally it is recommended that the full ceremony be done if the recipient was absent when the recognition was originally given, otherwise if they have already had the ceremony, it is not required. This is not a reaffirmation, just a confirmation of the recognition. If the recognition was given by the royalty's predecessors, this should also be noted ("given by ..."). The herald should make note of the details and put them in the court report.

The Royalty Gave An Award At An Unofficial Event!

If the Royalty gave an award at an unofficial event, the problem is not West Kingdom Law, but SCA Corpora, which states that official awards and recognitions cannot be given at an event which is not listed in the Kingdom newsletter (Corpora, Part II - Events, Section C: Business Requiring Prior Announcement). This is a rare thing, but sometimes comes up, most often when the Royalty are out visiting outlying areas of the Kingdom or their Principalities, and the locals decide to have an impromptu event in celebration. The problem is that by law, any awards given at these events are not real/official.

How Do We Resolve This?

What must happen for the award to be official is for the award to be given again at an official event, and treated as a new award for the purpose of reporting the award, and for the official records (i.e., the Awards List). Note that the award is treated as new, meaning that the date the award is given, etc., is the date of the official event, rather than back-dating the award to the earlier non-official event.

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