West Kingdom Awards List
Reaffirmation of Award Request

A Reaffirmation of an Award is for an award that did not get reported properly and/or did not appear in the Awards List in a timely fashion. This is a request for the current royalty to affirm that the award was given, by whom, and the date it was given. This will get the information into the proper channel for processing and ultimately into the awards list data. More explanation of what this means can be found at: Reaffirmation Of Awards Explained.

Enter as much of the appropriate information below as you can, and click the Submit button to send to the appropriate Royalty, for reaffirmation of an award.

PLEASE NOTE: The West Kingdom Award List tracks awards granted by the King and Queen of the West, Princes and Princesses of the Principalities of the West (and equivalent awards from other Kingdoms/Principalities), and Baronial awards (both local -- i.e., West Kingdom Baronies -- and "foreign" -- i.e., awards that people resident in the West have from other Baronies from other Kingdoms).

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Give the title of the event, and the local branch where it was held

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For "Royalty of" -- Please read!
If the award came from the King and Queen, select "The West",
If the award came from the Prince and Princess, select the name of that Principality,
If the award came from the Baron and/or Baroness, select the name of that Barony
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