Award Badges of the West and Principalities

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Last Updated: July, 2016

Note: The few images used here are with the explicit permission of the artists involved. Please do not assume that you can use them for your own purposes without contacting the artists first.

This page lists only the badges registered to the West Kingdom and its Principalities. For any other Kingdom, please visit their websites.

The table below lists any registrations with the SCA's College of Arms for specific recognitions. If a picture is available, it may be provided. In the West Kingdom, few awards have any registration with the College of Arms, and therefore there may not be an official badge. For details and descriptions of awards, what they're given for, and listings of recipients of said awards, please visit the West Kingdom Awards List.

Award/Recognition Badge
Duke / Duchess (Tinctureless) A coronet with strawberry leaves. (Regalia)
Count / Earl/ Countess (Tinctureless) A coronet embattled. (Regalia)
Royal Peers and Court Baronage (Tinctureless) A crown. (Regalia)
Order of Chivalry (Fieldless) A white baldric. (Mastery of Arms) (Regalia)
(Fieldless) A white belt. (Knighthood) (Regalia)
(Tinctureless) A circular chain. (Knighthood) (Regalia)
Order of the Laurel (Tinctureless) A laurel wreath. (Regalia)
Order of the Pelican (Tinctureless) A chapeau. (Regalia)
(Fieldless) A cap of maintenance gules trimmed ermine. (Regalia)
(Fieldless) A cap of maintenance gules trimmed argent goutty de sang. (Regalia)
(Tinctureless) A pelican in its piety. (Regalia)
(Tinctureless) A pelican vulning itself. (Regalia)
Order of Defense (Tinctureless) Three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed. (Regalia)
(Fieldless) A white livery collar. (Regalia)
Order of the Rose (Tinctureless) A wreath of roses. (Regalia)
West Kingdom
King's Huscarls Or, an antique crown voided vert surmounted by a sword gules.
Royal Company of Archers
(Closed -- see Royal Missile Company)
(Fieldless) A crossbow within and conjoined to an oak chaplet Or.
Royal Company of Yeomen
(Closed -- see Royal Missile Company)
(Fieldless) Three arrowheads conjoined in pall inverted, points to center, within and conjoined to an annulet Or.
Order of the Silver Molet Argent, on a pile gules an antique crown voided Or.
Principality of the Mists
Golden Branch, Order of the (Tinctureless) A branch palewise hung with bells, within a bordure engrailed.
Silver Spoon, Order of the Azure, a spoon inverted within a bordure engrailed argent.
Principality of Cynagua
Bard of Cynagua
Image of Badge provided by Cormac Mór (Caid)
(Fieldless) A harp argent winged Or.
Principality of Oertha
Oerthan Order of Grace Quarterly argent and Or, a snowflake azure.

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